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Abortion/Twin abortion...Still pregnant?


I had an abortion 2 1/2 weeks ago on the 12th Oct. I was 14 plus 5 weeks pregnant with twins. I had a vaccum procedure and had placenta previa. As a result of the abortion I suffered heavy bleeding and they carried out further d and c's to control it.

My pregnancy symptoms have not suppressed, which I can understand considering how far along I was.

I have however continued to feel flutterings (first experienced at 13 weeks!!) and today I believe I have felt a kick (now possibly 17 plus 2 weeks).

I am due my follow up appointment on friday but I cant wait that long to find out someone elses opinion. Can I still be pregnant? Is there a chance they have left one baby considering how far along I was and the fact I had additional d and c's?

Please advise

Hello, Lindsey,

I am not clear on how far along you were/are. You said 14 plus 5 weeks. What do you mean by that? What do you mean by 17 plus 2 weeks?

It could well be you felt flutterings at 13 weeks, since I always felt them by 14 weeks. If you are slender, you can, but not otherwise. The baby has to be able to push against the skin for you to feel anything.

Yes, it is entirely possible they missed one baby. If that is the case, you need to go to a good doctor to get prenatal care. Don't keep subjecting yourself to the risk of abortion. If you still have one baby, you will be much better off in the long run, because this will help prevent you from being more susceptible to breast cancer, for instance. Don't go back to the people who did the abortion, whatever you do! They cannot be trusted. They obviously gave you poor care so far. They should have known you had placenta previa, and that right there should have meant they would leave you alone and have you carry your babies. A woman can bleed to death from placenta previa, especially when they enter by the cervix, because cutting the placenta will cause heavy bleeding. Abortion is bad medicine to begin with, but it is much more serious when they pull stunts like that. A placenta is firmly rooted in the uterus itself until close to birth. I don't even see why they get away with scraping a placenta that is properly placed in a woman's uterus, given this fact. It is simply insane! If you still have one baby and they go after it, you COULD bleed to death this time.

If it turns out they did get both, you still really should get some medical care to deal with the damage they did to you.

There are organizations all over UK who will help women in your position. For instance, there is one about ten miles from you, here:

Directions Pregnancy Crisis Centre (2479) (10.0 mi)
Cecil Road Enfield EN2 6TG
0208 3506573

If this isn't convenient, there are others close by. You can find them with a search at this web site: They will have decent doctors, and they will help you find answers you can live with. Please go and get some real help!

Please keep in touch, and let me know how you do. Please do not go to any butchers anymore. You deserve better.


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