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Abortion/bleeding after 20days of.medical.abortion


Hello doctor
m rashmi 20 years old. I was 2 week.pregnent. I had my medical abortion 20days back by using
miisoprotol. First 3 days i bleed heavily and its started decreasing day by day My bleeding is still going in very small amount. Is it normal??
Please also tell can i have sex during this small amount of bleeding???
Please reply fast.

Hello, rashmi,

Please know I am not a doctor. I am a medical researcher.

How do you know you were pregnant? Did you take a pregnancy test? For a pregnancy test to work, a woman usually has to be at least 3 weeks pregnant. Misoprostol also won't usually do anything but make a woman bleed a lot at 2 weeks. Misoprostol is poisonous for pregnant women. It was never intended for a pregnant woman to use and the manufacturer said a pregnant woman should never use it. It is a medicine for stomach ulcers. If a woman is pregnant, it is NOT NORMAL for her to bleed. It is also not normal for ANY woman to bleed for three weeks. Taking such a poisonous pill is not normal, either.

Misoprostol harms a woman's immune system. If your partner has any diseases, you are much more likely to get them if you have sex than you would have been before. As long as you are bleeding at all, such infections can get into your uterus. If you are not married, you need to STOP having sex altogether. You will live in fear of pregnancy unless you stop. No other method will totally protect you from pregnancy. Any man who would put you at risk for pregnancy, especially after you have had an abortion, doesn't truly care about you. You deserve someone who does. You should talk to him about his willingness to put you at risk. If he continues to want to put you at risk, you should try to find someone else. Don't think that you owe it to him to put your life at risk. Abortion is very dangerous, and not only can it cause long term medical problems, but it can harm your future children.

If you enjoy sex and want the same pleasure, a moderate amount of exercise will also give you the same pleasure, and it is much safer and healthy besides.

Be prepared for sudden, unexpected bleeding. If you bleed too much, you will need to go to the doctor. You should also eat foods with red hot peppers in them every day until you are no longer at risk for sudden bleeding. In other words, you should do this for at least another three weeks.

Please do not take any more pills! Like I said, they are poisonous. Please take good care of yourself. If you are still pregnant, please don't risk your life. Think about whether you have the money to pay for medical care if you develop a serious complication. Misoprostol can kill you. You can develop an infection that will kill you within hours. If you are still pregnant, have the baby and give him or her to Mother Teresa's group. It is the only safe thing to do. If you need help, there are organizations that can help you, and you may be close to one, or they may be able to tell you how to get help close to you. So let me know if you need that information.

If you are married, you can learn to tell when you are fertile. Then you avoid sex when you are fertile unless you want a child. I will also tell you where to get that information.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Please keep yourself safe!


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