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QUESTION: Hi there. I have been looking around for answers but so far none yet. Straight to the point, I am trying to have a home self abortion by taking 4 pills of cytotec. I took 2 orally and 2 in vagina (as what my friend had done and she was successful) i had bad cramps and chills and I started to have lbm's and went to the toilet for several times after 2-5 hours after taking the pills. And after that time of having lbm's I felt a blood clot came out, I started bleeding heavily, bleeding happened around 5am, then bleeding stopped at around 2pm that same day. Though not completely stopped but i just had a very few blood smears on my pantyliners. I was 7weeks and 4 days when I took the pills counting from my LMP. I tried again the same dose of pills that same day night time but nothing happened, i just had the chills nothing else, no lbm. PT test still positive when I tried the following morning. It has passed almost 2 days now since the time I started to take the pills, i still have that sick pregnant feeling of nausea and bloating whenever I eat. Mild tenderness on the breasts. I'm wondering do you think I am still pregnant after that one blood clot that passed and heavy bleeding for hours? I still have that very tiny spotting now but that doesn't make me feel comfortable. I know you are not a doctor as you said, but I hope you can give me some answers to my questions that has been troubling me for days. It's really hard to work and concentrate with these thoughts and questions in mind that aren't answered. Thank you and I really really appreciate your time and effort on aswering this. I wish I could thank you in person.

ANSWER: Hi, Marina,

I will answer each of your statements, so please let me know if I missed anything.

First of all, it is extremely foolish to try to do an abortion on your own. You could kill yourself. These pills are poisonous. They can also cause serious long term medical consequences. Do you have the money to pay for medical care in case of complications? So you need to leave your body alone.

Taking pills in the vagina is VERY dangerous. You can get toxic shock syndrome. This is a massive infection that can kill a woman within hours. I don't know of a single situation where a woman got toxic shock syndrome and survived. You need to go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY and ask him to test you for Clostridium sordellii. If you have it, he needs to start aggressive life-saving measures immediately. In addition, the pills can cause you to bleed to death. You have been lucky so far. Don't press your luck.

The manufacturer of Cytotec says a pregnant woman should NEVER take it, because it can kill her. Not only that, but it is quite common that taking only Cytotec won't cause an abortion anyway. And at 7 weeks 4 days from your LMP, it probably won't do anything but make you bleed. You need to stop taking those pills! Your baby is already completely formed. For that reason, there is no significant danger that the Cytotec will cause birth defects. You can't rule it out, but the time when the major ones would happen is past.

The mere fact that a friend of yours successfully had an abortion using Cytotec doesn't mean you will. She was lucky. And in spite of this, she still faces serious medical consequences in the future. Among them are breast cancer, auto-immune disease such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, miscarriage and birth defects in her future children. Both of you deserve better than that!

As far as nausea is concerned, the best treatment is to sip ginger tea. Make sure you are getting adequate protein. If you are eating a vegetarian diet, you are suffering from malnutrition, and need to get a better diet. This is true regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

You will still have a positive pregnancy test for awhile no matter what happens, and the same hormones that give you a positive test will also continue to give you symptoms of pregnancy. If you DO succeed in "having an abortion", you were probably destined to miscarry anyway, and you took needless medical risks.

You are being robbed of the emotions you deserve to experience as a result of pregnancy. Obviously, this will have an impact on whether or not you can concentrate on your work. If you decide to accept your pregnancy, a lot of this will stop.

I am aware of the reasons why a woman in Hong Kong might want an abortion. I have worked with women there, including women who had their babies.

You need some REAL help. You can find an organization that will help you with whatever problems you face. Contact them here:

The Birthright Society Limited
Kowloon, 130 Waterloo Rd

Please do this. You now need some decent medical care, and they can also help you in other ways. Please take care of yourself and don't take any more chances with your life. Please keep in touch. I'll be here for you. I hope my answers help. You're welcome.

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QUESTION: So is the answer to my question if I am still pregnant is Yes?
I know it is very risky, I tried hospitals, I have been to FPA at first and I thought I could do it there, their fee is almost 4k hkd I asked to be referred to a public hospital, but when I went there they told me that they could not do it unless I am at my 15weeks of pregnancy and they will still schedule me that time meaning it wont't be done until I am far far ahead from my pregnancy. I was desperate because I could not wait that long and I will be leaving the country by that time that they said.
If I called the number you gave, what should I tell them? I can't tell them I have done a self abortion. I don't know what to do I don't have 4k to spent and I can't wait until I am at my 20th week to get an abortion. I feel so frustrated.

ANSWER: Hello, Marina,

I didn't say you are definitely still pregnant. I said it is unlikely Cytotec will have caused an abortion. That doesn't absolutely mean it didn't. It is also possible that you were destined to miscarry anyway, from what you told me.

Having an abortion at 15 or 20 weeks is VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. It is much more dangerous than an early abortion. A woman has to go through labor, usually with a dead child, when her body is not ready for it. A baby helps with labor, so when the baby is unable to help, it is more difficult for the mother. And quite frankly, if the people you are thinking of going to are willing to do an abortion on you, then they don't really care about you, and they won't protect your life. Abortion is bad medicine, and it's unethical, and no decent doctor will agree to do one on you.

You should call the number and tell them you are pregnant and you are in distress because you have certain problems, so you would like to talk to them. Tell them what your problems are. You haven't told me what they are, either, by the way.

Eventually, you may have to tell them that you attempted to have an abortion. However, they won't betray you. They will help you instead. I trust them. It won't hurt to talk to them; they will tell you what all your options are and what kind of help they can give you. You deserve to know that anyway. They will help you find a solution you can live with, one that won't harm you. In any case, whenever you do have a child, you NEED to tell your doctor you have attempted abortion, because it could make a difference in whether or not your future child is born healthy. Doctors are supposed to keep such information secret.

When you leave Hong Kong, where will you be going?

I hope this helps. I know you feel a sense of panic right now, and a woman doesn't make good decisions when she is feeling panic. Please try to take it easy and take one day at a time. You can make it through today. Tomorrow, you can make it through tomorrow. Drink some ginger tea and take care of yourself. Keep in touch.

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QUESTION: I still want to continue with the abortion since I have already attempted it anyway I don't want my child to suffer problems when it's born because of what I did today. I already have a 1 year old kid and I can't support another one just yet. I want a planned pregnancy, one where I have took good care of myself and the baby I'm planning to have. I am not ready just yet for another one and it was my mistake to stop the pills and didn't follow up another birth control method. I don't know how I can terminate this legally when I don't have enough money to have it done in a private org since the public ones I can afford will take time and I don't want to wait that long. Do you think the organization you told me will help me with such thing? Cause I feel scared to talk to them about that and that I want to terminate my current unplanned pregnancy. Thank you so much for taking time on helping me. I really appreciate it.

Hello, Marina,

You're welcome. If you are really going to benefit from my help, please pay attention to what I am telling you.

I am trying to tell you two things. The first is that IF this did not cause you to abort, your baby is UNLIKELY to have any serious problems. (Nobody can ever guarantee that a baby will be fine; there are lots of natural causes for problems. But in your case, if there is a problem it is probably NOT due to what you have done so far). The second thing I am trying to tell you is that if you DO abort this baby, you are much more likely to have a FUTURE child with a serious birth defect. The likelihood of that is several times what it would be if you didn't have an abortion. You could also find it impossible to have a child at all. And worst case, you could be killed. And then who will take care of your 1 year old? Do you have the money to pay for medical care if you have a complication?

The organization I gave you doesn't do abortions. It provides REAL care for women, meeting your needs, not doing some shoddy, dangerous thing to your body that could come back to haunt you. It won't hurt to talk to them. They will honor whatever decision you make. But you deserve to know all the sides of this question, because abortion is forever. So please do call them and talk to them. They will also help you find a way to support both your children.

You should be TERRIFIED to have an abortion. Don't let your fear of talking to the organization overrule that terror. Abortion is DANGEROUS. That is what I am trying to tell you. Please don't even CONSIDER trying to complete an abortion if you are still pregnant. Your future children will be much better off if you don't damage your body in this way.

Thank you for keeping in touch. Let me know what happens. Please don't hurt yourself.


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