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Abortion/life threatening pregnancy?


I made an appointment to get an abortion at 5weeks pregnant, but i was highly certain i had a misscarriage a few days after scheduling it. I bled heavely, way more than my normal period with some clots and cramping mostly on left side. when i went in the a. clinic they did an ultrasound and the pregnancy was still there but there was a good amount of tissue and clotting around it. they said even if i wanted this pregnancy it would have to of been terminated anyway because it was life-threatening to me. i want to know why it was life threatening and what is the name of this condition i had...also, if it will affect me in the future when i want to have kids.

It will not affect a future pregnancy. From the description, you had a missed abortion.  That means you started to miscarriage and all the tissue did not pass.  The pregnancy sac was not passed.  I cannot be more specific without seeing the ultrasound.  No need to worry.  


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