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I am a mother of 4 and currently suffer from a connective tissue disorder (EDS). I found out I was pregnant on Oct. 3, 2012 LMP was Sept 3, 2012. My boyfriend split 5 days later , cutting all contact. I freaked out and had a medical abortion at 6 weeks knowing that: 1)there's no way I could abort after 8 weeks 2)The pregnancy would cripple me and without my boyfriend to lend a hand, my other 4 kids would suffer. I've never had an abortion before and I think they are horrible. To say the least, the whole ordeal has been difficult. It has been 40 days since the medical abortion and my period has not returned and I still test positive on home pregnancy tests. I'm confused. Can I still be pregnant or can the hcg levels still be high enough to test positive ?

Hello, Amy,

I will address your specific questions before I am finished writing, but I felt moved to talk to you about EDS first.

EDS was a new one on me, but I did some research. I think I can offer some useful suggestions. I would be curious to know how you managed to have 4 children, however. Did your EDS get much worse after the fourth? What is the story there? This information would be helpful to me.

Wikipedia said that EDS is a weakness in collagen. It leads, among other things, to hypermobility, which can result in subluxations and dislocations. During the latter part of pregnancy, hypermobility is naturally increased so that the bones of the pelvis will move more freely, which helps in giving birth. So I can certainly see why you are concerned. That said, EDS is not an indication for a medically necessary abortion.

There are probably a number of things you can do that will improve your condition. While you probably have an inherited tendency that results in these problems, there is much you can do to decrease your expression of these characteristics.

First, look closely at your diet. Collagen requires certain nutrients to form properly. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you are suffering from malnutrition, and may lack any source of some of these nutrients. Human beings were DESIGNED to NEED animal protein and other nutrients that come only from animals. Here are some specific supplements that will help:

Vitamin D3. The skin can make Vitamin D from being exposed to sunlight, without any kind of sun blocking lotion applied. A person should remain in the sun with skin uncovered until the skin is pink. There are a number of reasons, however, why this may be inadequate. Part depends on where you live. If you live anywhere other than the extreme south part of California, you will have difficulty getting enough sun to produce adequate Vitamin D. If your skin is dark, that will also make it more difficult. A light skinned person may be able to make enough with 15 minutes of exposure, but a dark skinned person may require an hour or more. It also depends on the time of the year. When the sun is low on the horizon in winter, the particular frequencies of sunlight will be inadequate to produce Vitamin D. Dr. Mercola recommends a safe tanning bed as an alternative, but that is expensive. It is also widely recommended that a person take Vitamin D3 supplements. 5000IU a day is a good dose to start. Nearly everyone who doesn't supplement won't get anywhere near that amount. If you take Vitamin D3 in a high dose, you will need to have your blood tested occasionally to make sure you are getting enough and not too much. You should have about 75 ng/ml, but not more than 100. It is possible that with your particular heredity, you may need more than most people. So if you take 5000IU a day and still don't have a level of about 75, you would be wise to increase your dose. Cod liver oil is also a source of Vitamin D, and if you are a vegetarian, you aren't getting any from that source. Fish oil and krill oil also provide Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are vitally important in a condition like yours. Fish oil is often highly polluted, so krill oil is much better, because these are tiny animals that grow well away from pollution, and can be sustainably harvested. So a krill oil supplement would be wise as well.

Eliminate sugars and carbs from your diet. Nothing depletes the body's ability to heal faster than these two things. You can have carbs in vegetables. Go for the darkly colored vegetables.

Eliminate genetically engineered food, monosodium glutamate, and artificial sweeteners from your diet. Genetically engineered food in the United States currently includes soy, corn, cottonseed oil, and canola (even "organic" canola is genetically engineered, because they used genetic engineering to produce the canola plant from the rapeseed plant). Also, crookneck or summer squash, and zucchini, and papaya grown in Hawai'i. Also, sugar beets. Eliminate any food that contains fructose or high fructose corn syrup. You can have fructose in whole fruits, if you can tolerate it. Fructose consumption should be kept below 25 grams a day, preferably lower.

Check for other sources of pollutants. BPA is a big one. It is in just about everything. Another is pharmaceuticals in city water. Drink bottled spring water from a trusted source. But also be careful of the bottles, because they can contain BPA. I drink bottled water only from the clear bottles, and I drink it quickly before it can absorb anything from the bottle. It's still a problem, but it is greatly decreased. Make sure that any milk you drink or milk products you eat come from cows that have not been given rBST. Better yet, drink goat's milk. Try to drink only organic milk. Many cows are fed genetically engineered grain. Even if milk without rBST is labeled in California (it is in Arizona), the cows are still probably eating grain. Cows should eat grass. Nowadays, with the approval of genetically engineered alfalfa, there is also a potential for the cow to get GE feed from eating "grass" (though alfalfa is a legume). Most milk animals are fed alfalfa. Since alfalfa is a perennial, it is only a matter of time before all alfalfa has been genetically contaminated. But if you get USDA certified organic milk, this would help tremendously. Otherwise, try to get milk from local farmers, and find out what they feed their milk animals, and look for ones that do NOT feed grain or use antibiotics or growth hormones.

Avoid using any cosmetics whatsoever. Nearly all of them contain toxic chemicals. Finding one that doesn't is difficult and the products are expensive. Don't get immunizations. They contain highly toxic substances, and they don't keep you healthy anyway. Avoid taking any pharmaceuticals. Find natural alternatives for every disease. They're out there! It takes some research sometimes, but in a case where toxins in the body are a particular problem, it is well worth it. Even avoid using standard shampoos and soaps. You might try Dr. Mercola's site for products that you can use. Avoid household chemicals. For cleaning various things in the house, there are natural alternatives. For example, you can use baking soda to clean surfaces and pots and pans. There are plenty of suggestions on the internet for various cleaning solutions. Don't shower or bathe in city water, either. Try to get a really good filtration system to use for shower water. Don't smoke or use recreational drugs. Marijuana is bad, too. While it may relieve pain, you pay a price, and it's a heavy one. I personally won't even eat hemp protein.

Try to eat some supernutrients. One of my favorites is chia seeds. They are very rich in a number of nutrients otherwise available only from animals.

Stay away from medical machines that put energy into the body, including CAT scans, magnetic resonance, mammograms or other X-rays (mammograms cause breast cancer anyway; a woman should get thermograms instead), and stay away from scanners at airports.

Any kind of toxin in the body will lead to the strong tendency to dislocate joints or suffer from subluxations.

You may have tried chondroitin and glucosamine. These are not necessarily helpful. Dr. Mercola makes a product that is probably much more effective, called Joint Formula. Please note the product contains eggshell membrane. Also, antioxidants will probably help. He includes astaxanthin, which is one of the most powerful.

There is an automatic video at the top of the page. If you don't want to watch it, you can right click and select "Stop download".

This page:

contains information about how to nourish your skin. According to the information I have, EDS is also involved with skin health, and these things are all inter-related.

You can also greatly benefit from manipulation that will restore your dislocated joints. Chiropractic is too harsh, and it doesn't stay. I have had considerable experience with low velocity manipulation. It works very, very well, and it holds. Visit this web site to locate a practitioner in your area:

The best treatments include visceral manipulation, lymph drainage, and myopractic. Other therapies may be helpful, but not necessarily, and may be a waste of time. CranioSacral Therapy makes you feel good, but it doesn't seem to do much otherwise. Qigong is probably not recommended because it may be partly spiritual in nature, and there are some tremendous pitfalls in this. Any technique that involves visualization is also dangerous. Some osteopaths know low velocity manipulation as well. Most are taught a technique similar to chiropractic; that is not helpful. You should ask if they know low velocity techniques. I had a huge problem with dislocations and went to a therapist who is highly skilled who did less than a dozen treatments on me over time, and my joints are now very stable (and of course, I improved my diet as well, which also helped tremendously). Unfortunately, he moved to Colorado, and I have lost touch with him. The members at IAHP are of varying degrees of competence. Look for one at level 6 or 7 in the desired modalities.

I would be willing to say that in spite of the fact you have this inherited tendency, there is much you can do with nutrition and therapy to reverse the damage and restore your health. When you have an abortion, always keep in mind that the abortion itself can kill you, or bring about disability. Taking abortion pills means POLLUTING your body, so in the long run, this will only aggravate your condition. Since you already have 4 children, and you are alone, your children need you, and abortion could rob them of their mother, or render her totally incapacitated. Your 4 children should also be willing to help you. They can be a great deal of help, even starting as young as 3.

It might also be wise specifically to seek some detoxification and other related things. Taking EDTA will help with any cardiovascular problems through chelation. Solaray Detox is also an excellent remedy for any acquired toxins. A single dose is 10 capsules, and you can repeat a few times. If you fly, you will pick up all kinds of toxins from the airplane atmosphere. The remedy is Solaray Detox. You can also get airborne toxins from motel rooms and other forms of public transportation.

Weightlifting is also helpful, because strong muscles help hold joints in place. I did that for awhile, and it helped. The best method is to use higher negative weight, and lift and return slowly, 2 seconds up and 4 seconds back down. One set of 10 to 12 reps should exhaust your muscles, if the weights are heavy enough, and you want them as heavy as you can get them. Within 30 minutes, get some good protein (whey protein, for example, which is derived from milk, DO NOT EAT SOY). Get whey concentrate, not whey isolate (which is extracted with chemicals). Add to that some creatine, which builds muscle even without exercise. I used to take a stack, and I don't remember what all I put into it.

Anyway, I hope some of these suggestions help.

As for your experience with abortion, it sounds like you could benefit from some counseling. Abortion is a very fundamental and vicious attack on a woman's body. It has tremendous emotional repercussions, and these can be very, very serious. There are organizations all over the state that will help you with post-abortion issues. You can find an organization near you by visiting this web site:

While it seems unlikely you'd still test positive for pregnancy after 40 days, it's not impossible. The hormones linger awhile. If you test weekly and notice that the positive sign is getting weaker, the abortion probably worked. If you are no longer experiencing symptoms of pregnancy (if you did before), this may also be an indication. If you are still pregnant, it will be far safer for you to carry to term, in spite of the risks. The organization can also refer you to a doctor who will work with you given your medical problems. A surgical abortion would be the only other option at this point, and it's very, very dangerous. Don't even consider it because you have 4 other children to care for. And ask yourself whether you have the money to pay for medical care in case of complications. The organization will support you and get you back on your feet, so to speak, so that you can function and take care of your children. They answer many different kinds of needs.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will pray for you. Take care of yourself. No more abortions, please! You deserve better.


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