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Hi, I live in South Africa and I am 1.77 in height and weigh 61 I'm 22 years old. I found out I was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant with an ultrascan. I had the medical abortion done that day being 6 September 2012  I had to drink the tablet and was told that 24 hours later I must put 1 pill on the side of the inside of each cheek and 2 tablets under my tongue and wait untill they were dissolved. About 45 minutes later I started feeling extreme pain and had heavy bleeding, including clots. 3 days later I urinated and a big clot came out so I assumed it was over but bled for about 3 weeks. I went back on 3 October 2012 for my check up at meri stopes and did a urine test which was negative and the ultrascan showed nothing but why am I sometimes feeling movement in my stomach it's almost like a heartbeat movement and sometimes feels like kicking but I don't look pregnant and on 3 October I was given the contraceptive injection and haven't had a period yet but they say some woman don't get their period when on the injection. Can it still be in me?  Or is it in my mind?

No need to worry, you are not pregnant.  With a negative scan and pregnancy test, that is proof that you passed the pregnancy.  What you are feeling is just the movement of your stomach.  The heartbeat is your aorta.  That is normal.  The DepoProvera shot can cause your period to stop.  It is normal for some women to not have a period until they stop the shot.  Not having a period causes no long-term effects.  


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