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Abortion/Is it possible that I am pregnant after an abortion?


I had a surgical abortion (after a failed medical abortion). Went back to the Doctor for two subsequent check-ups, it proved successful and I am currently fine.

A little over 2 weeks after this (17 days) I felt comfortable enough to begin being sexually active with my partner again. Though we now strictly use contraception (condoms), at this first encounter we did not towards the end, however, he did not ejaculate in me. I understand it is possible to get pregnant without having the person complete inside of you.

Now four (4) weeks later, I am getting symptoms that are similar to when I was pregnant. So far only lower abdominal cramps, slightly painful to the touch, especially on the right side. Similar to the feeling of the womb enlarging. I also have a lot more discharge than usually, though it is slightly yellow but odorless. I did take a home pregnancy test which came out negative, but I do understand that it may be too early to detect.

Is it possible that I am currently pregnant again? Or is this my body trying to re-adjust? I normally see my period around the 29th of each month (it is not always regular so it sometimes comes a little before or after but consistently towards the end of the month).

Hello, Kimberley,

You are living dangerously! Seriously. First of all, condoms don't work. And yes, it is possible to get pregnant from even a drop of fluid, even left outside the body. If you don't want another abortion, you need to stop what you are doing. Not only that, but you could get a nasty infection, especially if your partner has had sex with anyone else, even if he hasn't told you about it.

You should be able to get a positive pregnancy test four weeks after having sex. However, if you are continuing to have sex, you could have gotten pregnant later and the test wouldn't show yet.

You deserve better. You deserve your bodily integrity and self respect, and freedom from fear of pregnancy. As long as you continue to have sex, you are at risk for pregnancy and disease. Please have a talk with your partner. You have already had "two" abortions, and he has a duty to protect and cherish you, not put you at risk. If he isn't willing to protect you and stop using you for self gratification, you should try to find someone who will.

In the meantime, please remember after abortion, your previous period will have changed. Test after a week, and then after another week. If you still have a negative test, you are probably not pregnant.

Abortion is dangerous, and can cause all kinds of medical problems. You were lucky so far, but you are still at much greater risk of long-term disease such as breast cancer or auto-immune disease. Your future children can be harmed or killed by your abortions. Before even thinking about another abortion, remember that abortion can also cause serious complications at the time. Do you have the money to pay for the needed medical care?

Please take care of yourself. No more abortions! Let me know how you are doing. I will be here for you. If you discover you are pregnant again, I can help you find better answers.


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