I did a pregnancy test and it appeared weakly positive and on my own calculation the day i the test the pregnancy was just one day so i took drugs that very day in order to flush it out 3 days later i started bleeding and also felt pain as if i was on my period i bled for 7 days after 1 week i did a home test and it appeared negative i just want to know if the abortion was complete?

Hello, Vick,

The only way you are going to find out if you were pregnant for sure, and if taking pills "flushed it out" will be to have a doctor examine and test you. There is a probability that you weren't pregnant to begin with. The pills will cause some women to bleed even if they're not pregnant.

So I recommend you see a doctor. You won't be able to tell by yourself, and nobody on the internet can tell you, because there is no opportunity to do any examinations or run any tests.

Abortion is dangerous. Please don't ever have an abortion again. Since you apparently feel that right now you can't handle having a child, it would be wise to examine your lifestyle. Don't count on "protection" or birth control. Both have significant failure rates. If you are not married, a man is taking advantage of your body for his personal pleasure, and you are bearing all the medical consequences.

If you were pregnant, you should be taking Vitamin D3 for the rest of your life. This is to help prevent breast cancer. A good dose is 5000IU a day, and you will need to have your blood tested to make sure you are not getting too much (though in Sweden, that's unlikely, because you won't get much Vitamin D from the sun). You should have about 75ng/ml, but 100 is too high. You will also be more prone to get an auto-immune disease, but they're not nearly as easy to prevent. You should have regular thermograms to check for breast cancer (but if you discover you have it, it is best to seek alternative remedies, because the breast cancer caused by abortion does not respond to conventional medical treatment). Also, your future children could suffer damage, so when you do become pregnant you need to tell your obstetrician you have had a pill abortion, so that he can use some treatments that can help prevent damage.

Please take care of yourself. Let me know how you are doing.


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