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Abortion/abortion and am I pregnant again?


I had a surgical abortion november 6th, and after 2 weeks and 6 days I had unprotected sex.
between those 2 weeks I was also lactating(releasing milk). I was told since I 8 weeks my body began to produce milk, and when I had the abortion my body thought I had the baby and therfor making me lactate. That stoped 2 days ago from today, and now I've been having slight  cramps and  sometimes they are like I'm getting my period. I have not gotten my period since I got pregnant and the only time I was bleeding was after the abortion which is normal the next week or so. Now I am worried that I could be pregnant again :( I don't wanna make this decision ever again and I shouldve been much smarter about this......(also we used condoms but then we didn't) I don't know what to do. :((( I could really die rigt now

Hello, annette,

In my opinion, you are in a very dangerous place emotionally. A woman has a much greater tendency toward suicide after an abortion. It is critically important to get some counseling so you can get past this feeling you could die right now. You have a purpose in your life, and it is not yours to cut short. Please go to this web site to find an organization in New Jersey that offers counseling to abortion-experienced women:

There is always the possibility that you could be pregnant from having sex after abortion. If you want to live without the fear of pregnancy, you will need to stop having sex. Should it turn out that you ARE pregnant again, you are right to decide that you will not do this again. The same organization that will counsel you will also help meet your needs, so that you don't feel pressured to have another abortion.

As for the symptoms you are experiencing, I don't consider any of them to be particularly unusual, though in my opinion it's a bit early to be lactating if you were only 8 weeks. If I am misreading your message, and you were 18 weeks, then it is not as surprising. You will probably continue to experience cramps now and then. Any time you stimulate the area, you may set them off. Your uterus will try to clamp down and get smaller to return your body to a non-pregnant state. Unless you have some unusual and troubling symptoms, try not to worry about it. If you are still feeling worried, the best remedy is to see a doctor, and let him check out whatever concerns you. Again, get a referral from your local organization. Do not go back to whoever supplied the abortion. That person and his staff cannot be trusted. If they truly cared about you, they would never have done an abortion on you in the first place. You deserve better.

There are some long term medical consequences of abortion. If you want me to talk about that, let me know.

Please take care of yourself, and let me know how things go. Keep in touch!


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I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

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