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Abortion/dried brown discharge


i had an abortion 4 weeks ago and after having bleeding and blood clots, i have brown discharge but i don't have my menstruation yet, i have sex with my boyfriend but we are using condoms, is it safe? does it wont make me pregnant? i also take emergency pill just to make sure.

is it safe to conduct trans vaginal ultrasound to confirm if im not pregnant?

Komban wa, Aiko-san,

You have not said whether you had a pill or surgical abortion. That makes a difference.

Condoms break. Sometimes they have holes as well. If you want to make sure not to get pregnant now, if you do not want to take a chance, you should stop having sex. No birth control method is completely reliable, and when the couple is not married, it is even less reliable.

Emergency pills are toxic and dangerous, and you are taking one and you do not even know if you "need" it or not.

I am not completely certain that ultrasound is safe, but it would be more of concern if you had a living baby. We just do not know what putting that particular kind of energy into the body will do to a woman. Yet, it is considerably safer than abortion, which is quite dangerous.

Abortion disrupts a woman's hormones, so it is not possible to predict when a normal period will resume. Usually, a woman will have pregnancy hormones for several weeks after an abortion. They slowly decline until her hormones are back in a pre-pregnant state. Brown discharge is most likely to be old blood. It can be something else, however.

Please spend some time thinking about what you are doing. You are taking unnecessary medical risks. You bear the burden of the risks alone. He is getting pleasure from your body. If he truly loves you, he will stop causing you the risk of medical consequences.

Since you are concerned about what might be happening with your body, I recommend you find a doctor and have him check you out. Do not go to the people who provided the abortion. The people who provided the abortion won't want to admit it if there are any problems.

Do not have any more abortions. Abortion is not safe. You deserve better. Please take care of yourself. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.


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