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Abortion/Heavy bleeding & clots- post abortion


I am a 22 year old female,  I had an abortion roughly 3 weeks ago. I had very minimal bleeding and cramps. However, 3 days ago I started to bleed very heavily and I began passing large clots (size of a golf ball or kiwi) with some small sized clots as well

I called the clinic and they said this was normal because I most likely have started menstruating. However, a few moments ago my blood flow became very heavy (soaked an overnight pad in less than 15 minutes) with large clots and severe cramping. My blood is a bright red color.

I do not have a fever or body chills.

Is this normal or should I be concerned and make a trip to the emergency room?

Thank you.

Tara, I'm not sure that the clinic is giving you good advice. They should have at least taken you in for an exam. If you are still bleeding, you should either go to your regular doctor or if you think it's necessary, you can go to the emergency room. You will have to make that decision for yourself. I am worried about you, so I will be praying. Please email me at and let me know what happens.

Diane Cheryl


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