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Abortion/mifepristone and misopristol


QUESTION: my gf is 47 days pregnant.her last menstrual period is on 16 th october,2012.she is 36 yrs old. she has taken mifepristone 200 mg orally on 1st december,2012. and then misoprostol 200mcg 2 tab after 24 hrs and 36 hrs buccaly(herwont kit by torrent pharma).what are the chances of abortion?and within how many hrs the blleding should induced?plz help.....its an emergency...

ANSWER: Hello, parth,

Those pills are DANGEROUS and can KILL her. She shouldn't be taking them, no matter WHAT kind of emergency you have. She deserves your PROTECTION.

No one can say when bleeding will begin. However, you need to watch her closely. She could easily bleed to death. Make sure she eats foods with red hot peppers in them every day until you know for sure that any bleeding caused by the pills has stopped for good. This can be several weeks. If she starts bleeding heavily, take her to the doctor immediately. While it seems possible she will abort, there are really no guarantees. Whatever you do, do NOT give her any more pills. She is 36 years old. She doesn't need to have an abortion at that age. If she is ever going to have children, it will have to be now, or pretty much never. You need to find out if she wants to have children. You need to find out what she really wants to do now. Women are easily coerced into abortions they don't want.

If you truly love and care about her, you will protect her. Other than that, you are just going to have to wait and see what happens. No more pills! Take care of her. Let me know how she does.

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QUESTION: Thank u sir for ur reply....
i really love and care for her...but we are not in position to have a is 24 hrs passed after her first misoprostol 400 mcg dose and she hasn't bleed it normal? how much time we can wait bleeding to start?
thanks in advance....

Hello, parth,

Please know I am a woman.

The thing you should have asked is whether or not you are in a position to pay for expensive medical care if she has a complication, and to take care of her for the rest of her life if she is disabled. Complications are very, very common. Obviously now you have set things in motion, so whatever happens will happen. It is NOT NORMAL for a woman to bleed in early pregnancy, though. Having an abortion is not normal. It is a vicious assault on a woman's body. We can only hope and pray for the best. Sometimes bleeding is delayed. But there is such a danger that a woman will bleed to death. It isn't worth the risk. 10,000 women are killed by abortion in India every year, and I don't want your girlfriend to be one of them. If you take her to the doctor immediately, he may be able to give her some supplementary progesterone and return her body to a more normal state, but it depends on how long ago she took the pills.

Also be aware that the emotional consequences for a woman can be severe. You will need to nourish her emotionally and safeguard her, because some women will commit suicide after abortion. They can also abuse drugs and alcohol, or abuse themselves, or develop any of a number of different emotional problems.

If she doesn't bleed, and is still pregnant, please don't do anything else to her body. Take care of her, and support her and let her have the child. If you are not in a position to raise the child, give him or her to Mother Teresa's group. They will find a good home for your child. If you are concerned about shame from local people, if you can, the two of you can move to another part of India temporarily. I realize that wouldn't be easy, but it is a possible solution. There is also a home in Delhi where she could stay for a few months, and there are other kinds of help available in some places. In particular, the Catholic Hospital Association, which has affiliates all over India, will help. I can send you information about them. And if you truly love each other, then the best solution is to get married. I realize getting married is a big deal, and it should be. But if you are careful, you can have a nice wedding for relatively little money, and if it is the custom there (which I understand it is) for people to put money in red envelopes as wedding gifts, that will help.

Please let me know how she does, and please take good care of her.


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