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Abortion/Mifepristone Reversal


QUESTION: I took the Mifepristone pill a week ago.  I changed my mind several hours later and went in for a progesterone shot.  I have had three shots so far and I have to wait another week to get a ultrasound to see if there is heartbeat.  I am so nervous, from what little research I have found it seems like the odds are in my favor that things will be ok.  If they are not, I am willing to accept that and move forward although it will be difficult.  The stories written are from people saying it worked for them but I'm not sure if those it didn't work for are just not commenting.  Do you have any knowledge on this subject?

ANSWER: Hello, Sue,

I would say your chance of having a healthy baby is very high! The main thing Mifepristone does is stops the mother's progesterone to the baby, and since you had a progesterone shot right away, your baby should be OK. I don't think there are many women out there who got progesterone shots right away who didn't succeed in having a healthy child. The progesterone shot is the right remedy.

I am very happy you changed your mind, and I will pray for both of you. Please keep in touch and let me know how you do. And send me a picture when your baby is born! :)

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QUESTION: I do believe the pregnancy has continued.  I have many questions regarding the Mifepristone regardless of whether the pregnancy did continue but I am having difficulty finding the information I'm looking for.  What I would like to know is how soon after ingested does the Mifepristone start working and what is the average time it take to stop the pregnancy process (8 hrs, 12hrs,etc)?  All the literature just speaks to the second set of pills if the first one does not end the pg. and that is not the info. I'm looking for.  I'd just like to understand more clearly what was happening in my body and be able to explain it to anyone else who is ever in the same situation.  Thanks for all your help and support!!!

Hello, Sue,

That is good news!

As for how soon the Mifepristone works, I am not sure that information is really available. Here's why. Each woman and each pregnancy is different. But I have heard of cases where a woman went a day or two before getting progesterone, and everything was fine. That's all hearsay, though. You didn't tell me how far along you were when you took Mifepristone. If you were at least 7 or 8 weeks, it wouldn't have had any effect anyway. All the information I have is that the second set of pills is given at all times, not just if the abortion fails from the first time. Mifepristone can cause bleeding, but it's not clear to me that it will produce the necessary contractions for a woman to give birth to the baby. Without that, the remains are a serious potential health hazard.

You can explain that you took Mifepristone, and a few hours later you got a progesterone shot, and that you continued to receive them daily for awhile. The fact that they are only required daily would tend to indicate it would take hours before Mifepristone caused any real problems. But other than encouraging other women who change their minds to go get progesterone, I don't think you need to explain anything to anybody. For one thing, if you aren't a person in the medical field, people won't necessarily expect you to know, and they may even be reluctant to ask questions. If you do talk to a woman who has changed her mind, urge her to go to a doctor who will try to protect her baby. Many doctors will just say that the baby has been damaged beyond repair, so she might as well complete the abortion. I think they do this for liability reasons. They don't want to get sued if the baby is born and has damage. A woman can find a good doctor by talking to her local pregnancy help organization, or to a pro-life group, or to a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and there are organizations with web sites that will probably know where she can find a doctor who will do this for her. The important thing, I think, is for you to be aware of where she can find this information.

Nearly everyone in the United States can find help by going to this web site:

They also have listings for England and Canada.

Most yellow page phone books also have information under "Abortion Alternatives".

Please keep in touch and let me know how you both are doing.


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