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Took the abortion pill Ru on September 22 2012 it is now Nov 30 and i still have to yet have a regular period.I had the the symptom of cramps and being bloated things that happens before i get my period. Had the 2 week Dr visit which the Dr asked if i noticed a small type of sac white looking which the answer was no but on November 3rd i woke up to a solid bed and when i went to the restroom i notice a sack and there was a chunk of clot i assumed it finally passed out but now im disturbed because i still haven't had a normal period but i am bleeding ever so often which but not heavy is like a period and sometimes im spotting and its sometimes a brown discharge that is odor less and some times its not there is mucus sometimes also and i feel very much like i want to have sex. Not sure what is going on with my body but its freaking me out i have an appointment on Monday Dec 3rd but wanted to know if this has happen to anyone before FYI im not pregnant. I though it was my period and i started to take my birth control but the next day it was just a brown discharge should i stop taking the pill or continue

Yes, it can take take up to 3 months to get a normal period if you had some retained tissue you passed later one.  It sounds like you had retained tissue.  You need to have another ultrasound to make sure you have passed all the tissue.  Some women have had retained blood clots even after passing clots like you just experienced.  This prevents you from having a normal period.  


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