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Abortion/Having 1st period, but still pos test


QUESTION: I had a surgical abortion on dec 13, 2012. I was 14 weeks. I had normal bleeding for a week and a half. Then it became more just brown when I wiped. On jan 09, 2013, I took a pregnancy test and it was still a faint positive. I then started to get bad period like cramps, and I was happy to see a light period start on 1/10. It's pretty light, but it's a period. But my tests are STILL coming up positive. Is this normal? Shouldn't my period start AFTER the HGC hormone was gone? I did have unprotected sex a week after and then the following week. He pulled out, and I did not take a preg test till 1/9. So I don't know if it ever went negative after my abortion. I didn't go to my follow up appointment either. So, my question is.. Why am I still getting positive preg tests as well as my period? Is it old hormones? Or could I b pregnant again?!

ANSWER: Hello, Krissy,

There is nothing normal about having an abortion, so nothing that happens afterward is normal, either.

There are actually several possibilities. One possibility is that when they did the abortion, they didn't get everything, and the cramps and bleeding are your body attempting to get rid of the material. Or, they could have damaged the surface of your uterus (very likely). Another possibility, though it is a remote one, is that you got pregnant a second time while you were still pregnant the first time, and the abortion missed this one. This is rare; I only personally know of two cases. But it does happen. The fact your pregnancy test is weak would tend to indicate this is not the case, however. And finally, the bleeding could be your period.

Let's say you were fertile on the first occasion of sex. That would have been on December 20. From then until the test is is 20 days, and a pregnancy test would probably show positive. Getting pregnant so soon after a second trimester abortion is unlikely. If you got pregnant on the second occasion, a pregnancy test would be unlikely to show this pregnancy at this point. It is true that many times pregnancy hormones last awhile, so your test could be showing positive from your 14 week pregnancy. A pregnancy that far advanced would have longer lasting hormones anyway. One thing you can do is wait a week and test again. If you are pregnant again, the test should be more positive.

Please be aware pulling out doesn't work. All it takes is one drop to cause a pregnancy, and a lot of men release one drop early on. If you continue to have sex, you may very well find yourself in exactly the same position you were in when you decided to have an abortion. Don't rely on "protection". It doesn't work. And hormone pills are medically dangerous and there is a failure rate. I am assuming you are not married. Is that correct? For your own safety and well being, you need to stop having sex. Sex is also dangerous because a woman can get a sexually transmitted disease if her partner has ever had sex with anyone else, even if he hasn't told her about it. He should have stood by you when you were pregnant, and not consented to you having an abortion, if he really cares about you.

I think you were wise not to go back for a follow up appointment. You should stay away from that place. Anybody who would do an abortion on a woman at 14 weeks cannot be trusted. If there was anything unusual going on, they would be unlikely to "find" it because of the legal liability from things not going as planned.

Were you coerced into having the abortion? Women who wait until 14 weeks are more likely to have been coerced, because abortion isn't what they really want. There could be emotional issues either way.

Assuming this was your first pregnancy, or you have had a prior abortion of a first pregnancy, and have not had a child, you are at very high risk of getting breast cancer before you are 40. For this reason, you should take Vitamin D3 for the rest of your life. A dose of about 5000IU a day is a good place to start. You will need to have your blood tested occasionally to make sure you are not getting too much. You should have about 75 ng/ml in your blood. 100 is considered too high. Get regular thermograms. Do not get mammograms. They can cause or trigger breast cancer.

I do recommend you get checked out. Also, if you are having any emotional repercussions, counseling would be a good idea. Counseling would also be wise if you don't feel free to stop having sex. You can find these services by contacting an organization that helps women in your position. You can find the one nearest you by going to this web site:

Please take care of yourself. Don't take chances with your life like this. You deserve better. Please keep in touch and let me know what happens.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply Pat. Here's an update: my period has picked up in blood volume to a normal period last night. It is lighter again today, but when I woke up this morning I had horribly sharp pains in my cervix. Horribly painful for a good half hour and now just more of an achy feeling on mostly the right side. In response to your earlier questions, I have a 9 yr old child, and I didn't want an abortion, that's why I waited so long. Why did everything go so "on track" after the anortion until now? What are these sharp pains in my cervix today?

Krissy, you're welcome. It is awful when a woman is forced into an abortion she didn't want. It makes me furious! But it happens constantly. There is absolutely no legal protection for a woman's right to refuse an abortion.

In order to do a surgical abortion, they force open the cervix with metal dilators. This causes many tiny tears in the muscle of the cervix, and this may be the reason you have pain. You should have it checked out, also because of the possibility of a greater tear. The tiny tears weaken the cervix, and the result is that many women experience miscarriages in the future, or very early birth. Very early birth is a leading cause of major birth defects, so whenever you do become pregnant again, please tell your doctor about your abortion. He may need to do a procedure called cerclage, to prevent miscarriage or early birth.

In your case, breast cancer is less of a risk, but stil not zero. Auto-immune disease, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, are more common. I don't know of an easy way to prevent this, but there are good natural remedies available. It takes a bit of research after a diagnosis.

I think you would definitely benefit from counseling because you were coerced. For this reason, I encourage you to get in touch with your local organization through the web site I recommended:

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will be here any time you need to talk.


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