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QUESTION: Today is 20th day after medicalabortion, normal bleeding was going on for the past 3/4 days. Today when i woke up in morning, I saw lot of blood. I changed pad and again it was over in hour.
I am passing clots and blood heavily today.
When I will be normal. What is it. Any medicine to stop bleeding. I am drinking lot of water.
Ultrasound shows no sac. Then what is coming out.
I am in joint family. So confuse what to do.

ANSWER: This is a normal pattern 20 days after taking the pill.  If the bleeding continues to be heavy, you can use Misoprostol 400 mcg under your tongue.  That will slow down the bleeding.

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I am today at 36days after Medical abortion.
Last 6/7 days only spotting of blood was seen, I didn't use pad. But today good blood with clots again is coming out which was seen after20 days previously. Light pain in between.
Don't you think its stretching long. How much tissue is remaining. It's irritating. Some day stops then sudden bleeding.

ANSWER: It is 5 weeks and 1 day.  You maybe having a heavy period at this point. The bleeding maybe due to passing the last of the remaining tissue.  We have our patients have an ultrasound 1-2 weeks after the medical abortion so we can measure the thickness of the lining.  You can bleed as long as 6 to 11 weeks after a medical abortion.  If you pass clots larger than a 1 inch in diameter or soak more than 1 pad in an hour, you should see a doctor.

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QUESTION: I did ultrasound after 2weeks, My ultasound report comment is below. Please tell if it helps to know thickness of lining.

1. Uterus is retroverted and normal inside
2. The myometrium shows normal echotexture and focal or mass lesion is visualised.
3. Endometrial cavity contains minimal amount of anechoic contents
(Likely to be blood). No sac seen
4. Endomaterial thickness 7.1mm
5. Both ovaries are normal in size , position and echo pattern
6. There is no adnexal or tubo-ovarian mass
7. No free fluid seen in the cul-de-sac
8. Urinary bladder is normal in outline with clear lumen

Based on the ultrasound, the bleeding seems normal.  Just monitor it.  Its should stop.  If it continues have another one to follow-up on the anechoic mass.  Sometimes it does not pass and the bleeding you are experiencing is the passage of the remaining tissue.  


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