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Hi , I'm a 30yr old woman and had an abortion 4 days ago , the day it was done I was fine a little spotting with no cramping, the following day I had nothing what so ever so went to be without a pad on, the following day after that I woke with blood around me (not to much but enough) with minor cramps that continued threw out the day, the same night I had fainted and felt light headed but was bearable , the following day from that I had heavier bleeding with cramping stronger but still bearable, today bleeding still similar although cramping its borderline severe and I have a high pain tolerance I am not clotting just bleeding with some type of little amounts of discharge, I'm feeling a little nausea although I did with the pregnacy but haven't had syptoms since the day after the abortion. I have had 2 accounts of blod clots in my lung once 2009 and other 2011. Can this be more prone to not passing clots and is that why I'm in this pain? I thought you get better or stay the same not worsen each day am I right thank you painfully waiting on a reply as I need advice on what to do as I have an autistic son so I just can't make a quick trip to a doctors if you know what I mean . Thanks for your time .

Dear Casey, I know your question was asked on 1/7 but I just found your question in the question pool at
This usually happens when the person you asked the question to, was not available to answer at that time. So puts the question in the abortion question pool and anyone of our experts can answer.

So have you been to the doctor yet and what is your situation at this time? I would really like to be able to answer you and help you. I am concerned because of what you said about your bleeding. This can be dangerous so I hope you were able to get medical help. Please email me at so I can advise you or be relieved because you are ok. I will be praying for you.

Diane Cheryl


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Please email me at if I am "maxed out" on questions. I will answer as soon as I can. Please be patient because I get many emails. If I don't answer within a reasonable time, please email me again and put ALLEXPERTS in the subject line of your email. Thanks. Please contact me if you would like information about abortion procedures. What are your questions or concerns about an abortion? I also would be able to help with resources and networking. I can provide insight about emotional and psychological aspects of abortion. I would like to help you with up-to-date info and advice. I haven't had an abortion myself, but have 3 close friends who have experienced abortion and I can relate through them. I can also provide resources if you have experienced any post-abortion problems; medical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. PRIVATE QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women in unexpected pregnancy situations. I also provide resources for PASS (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome).

Illinois Valley Community College (LaSalle-Peru, Illinois), Austin Community College and Travel Agent Degree.
Almost 25 years of on-the-job training onsite at abortion clinics and volunteering at pregnancy resource centers. Sonogram training and Post Abortion Counseling Training. Have done research with hundreds of women for almost 25 years regarding abortion, pregnancy and post-abortion healing.

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