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Hi. I have a question, I had an abortion about three weeks ago and it was the medicated abortion. I waited a week after I had sex and it was unprotected.I stopped bleeding after that week  And had sex again for a few times unprotected now Im rebleeding again. And missed my check up appointment can there be  something wrong with my body or anything?  I need am expert advice.

Hello, angel,

Everything that has happened once you started the abortion is abnormal. The pills are dangerous. They can cause serious long term problems or even kill you. Since you have survived this long, you are apparently not at risk of dying from Toxic Shock Syndrome. You could still bleed uncontrollably, however. Some women bleed to death after taking the pills. You will need to be prepared for unexpected heavy bleeding at any time for several weeks, even at this point. If the bleeding is too heavy, get medical help immediately, or if you start to feel faint or have other symptoms. If you bleed heavily, drink plenty of fluids to keep your blood volume up. You will still develop anemia and the like, but it will help prevent acute problems.

You are also at risk for more long term problems. The pills can harm your future children, by causing some fairly serious birth defects. They can also make you more likely to get breast cancer. If this was your first pregnancy and you have a close relative who has had breast cancer, you are looking at a 1 in 4 chance of dying of breast cancer before you are 40. You are also at risk for auto-immune disease such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

And you are still taking chances! You need to stop doing that. There is no method for preventing a repeat pregnancy that is completely foolproof other than not having sex at all. Don't count on "protection". Having sex so early also means you are much more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease, because the pills depress a woman's immune system. You should be checked by a doctor for any such infections. I am glad, however, that you didn't keep your check up appointment. The person who gave you the pills cannot be trusted to be honest with you about your health issues. It's a waste of time and could give you a false sense of security.

I can recommend several things you can do to reduce your risk from some of these problems. I don't have an answer for all of them.

To help prevent breast cancer, take Vitamin D3 daily for the rest of your life. A good dose is 5000IU a day. You will need to have your blood tested occasionally to make sure you aren't getting too much. You should have about 75 ng/ml in your blood but no more than 100. Also, get regular thermograms. Do NOT get mammograms. They can cause or trigger breast cancer, or cause it to spread.

When you become pregnant again, let your doctor know you have had a prior abortion. He can do some procedures that will help prevent miscarriage or very early birth. Very early birth is the major cause of many birth defects. He can do a procedure called cerclage to help prevent this.

You should be eating foods with red hot peppers in them, or taking cayenne, until the bleeding has stopped completely. This will help prevent heavy bleeding (though it might not work for everyone).

You deserve better than abortion. So do your future children. If you have any other issues, I will be here for you. I can help you find a doctor who will be honest with you and protect your health. Please take care of yourself and keep yourself safe. Let me know how you do, and keep in touch.


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