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Abortion/burning vagina and leukorrhea flow


Dr i ahve abortion a few months ago but after that i feel like scratching my vagina. its red and irriting me.secondly my leukorrhea flow increased much after abortion. is it normal.?

Dr. AK, You should go to a doctor and find out what your health situation is. You may have some kind of infection. It could be related to the abortion or not. I cannot diagnose over the internet so you will have to get an exam by a qualified doctor. Please email me at and tell me what is happening. If you have any problems after abortion, such as emotional, psychological or spiritual, please let me know. I provide free post abortion healing counseling online.

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Please email me at if I am "maxed out" on questions. I will answer as soon as I can. Please be patient because I get many emails. If I don't answer within a reasonable time, please email me again and put ALLEXPERTS in the subject line of your email. Thanks. Please contact me if you would like information about abortion procedures. What are your questions or concerns about an abortion? I also would be able to help with resources and networking. I can provide insight about emotional and psychological aspects of abortion. I would like to help you with up-to-date info and advice. I haven't had an abortion myself, but have 3 close friends who have experienced abortion and I can relate through them. I can also provide resources if you have experienced any post-abortion problems; medical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. PRIVATE QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women in unexpected pregnancy situations. I also provide resources for PASS (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome).

Illinois Valley Community College (LaSalle-Peru, Illinois), Austin Community College and Travel Agent Degree.
Almost 25 years of on-the-job training onsite at abortion clinics and volunteering at pregnancy resource centers. Sonogram training and Post Abortion Counseling Training. Have done research with hundreds of women for almost 25 years regarding abortion, pregnancy and post-abortion healing.

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