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Hi, I had a surgical abortion exactly 4 weeks and 1 day ago on December 14th. I was very early in my pregnancy by only 6 weeks and 6 days. The first 2 weeks after the procedure I had cramping and bleeding with small clots here and there. I was also taking the antibiotic Doxycycline. After 2 weeks post abortion the bleeding got very thick and dark and slowed to the point it pretty much stopped, similar to how a normal period would end. Then it came back very heavy the next day. The blood was very dark in color and very thin. Then it stopped again at around 3 weeks post abortion and came back heavy again with the same dark blood. It seems like this pattern of starting and stopping isn't going to end anytime soon. I was wondering how much longer should I expect this go on. Also, I've been avoiding taking the birth control I was given, 1 because I'm very unsure of when to take it considering my menstrul cycle is so off. 2 it seems like a bit of a waste considering I'm not having sex while all this bleeding is going on. So, if and when the bleeding does stop when should I start my birth control. Thank you!

Hello Lacey, I just found your question in the question pool at
This means that the person you asked the question to, was not able to answer. So I received your question and will try to answer. I realize that you asked the question on 1/10 and I just received the question on 1/27. So I realize that by this time, some others things may have happened in your life and situation. I hope that your bleeding has stopped. I have received many reports from women after abortion having excessive bleeding and extended. This is quite concerning as this can cause anemia or worse. So please let me know how you are doing and email me at
You should probably talk to your doctor about when to start birth control again. The problem is that birth control is not 100% safe in preventing pregnancy. Also, I don't recommend hormonal birth control because of side effects and concerns. So email me at so we can talk about everything. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Please email me at if I am "maxed out" on questions. I will answer as soon as I can. Please be patient because I get many emails. If I don't answer within a reasonable time, please email me again and put ALLEXPERTS in the subject line of your email. Thanks. Please contact me if you would like information about abortion procedures. What are your questions or concerns about an abortion? I also would be able to help with resources and networking. I can provide insight about emotional and psychological aspects of abortion. I would like to help you with up-to-date info and advice. I haven't had an abortion myself, but have 3 close friends who have experienced abortion and I can relate through them. I can also provide resources if you have experienced any post-abortion problems; medical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. PRIVATE QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!


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