I aborted a one month pregnancy using a d&c on the 22nd of december 2012 and the doctor gave me some drugs which I took,I had cramps n had brown disharge till the 23rd then it stopped buh on the 25th I had a started bleeding and it was bright red which lasted till on the 30th. Normally I see my period every 25th day but since I had the bleeding on the 25th to 30th I haven't seen my  period.pls is it normal? AM really scared.pls reply

Hello, lynda,

To begin with, having an abortion is not normal. Neither is anything that happens afterward. That said, I will address what you are experiencing. Please note that complications are common with abortion.

First of all, I am confused by your saying you had a one month pregnancy aborted using d&c. Normally, they would tend to use a procedure involving a suction bulb type device. This is true even if you are calculating the month from the day you think you conceived. It is rare for them to do a d&c on a pregnancy one month after conception. If you are measuring from your last menstrual period, you would most likely barely know you were pregnant, let alone have a d&c. Any clarification here would be appreciated. The reason they rarely do a d&c at one month after conception is that the baby is easily missed.

With that background, I will address your symptoms. To begin with, the bright red blood would TEND to indicate they injured your uterus in a way that they didn't intend. ALL abortions injure the uterus, but if they perforated it, or tore your cervix, or something like that, you would have bright red blood until your cervix closed.

Usually, after a surgical abortion, a woman's pregnancy hormones don't drop immediately. This may delay the onset of fertility and of menstrual periods. It would appear that your period may be delayed for that reason, or it is also possible they missed the baby and you are still pregnant.

You should really see a doctor and get answers to your questions. Nobody is going to be able to tell you anything about your body over the internet. Don't go to the people who did the d&c. They cannot be trusted. Find someone who is knowledgeable on treating the complications of abortion. If you need help finding a doctor, let me know.

If you are still pregnant, please do not try to have another abortion. Abortion is dangerous and can kill you. It can also harm your future children. If you abort your first pregnancy and you have a close family member who has had breast cancer, you have a 1 in 4 chance of dying from breast cancer before you are 40. Since you may have succeeded in having an abortion, I recommend you take 5000IU of Vitamin D3 daily for the rest of your life. This will help prevent breast cancer. Get regular thermograms. Do not get mammograms. They can cause, trigger, or spread breast cancer. Once you become pregnant (or if you still are), you should tell your doctor you had an abortion (or tried to). There are things the doctor can do to lower your chance of having a baby with a serious birth defect.

Please go see a doctor and tell him what you told me. Please let me know what happens. Take care and keep yourself safe. You deserve better than abortion. Don't take any more chances with your life.


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