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Abortion/sex after recent surgical abortion, started bleeding


Hi, im 31yrs. Old, had a surgial abortion at 12 Weeks. Had the abortion 11 days ago, only bled for 4-5 days afterwards, very light bleeding. Then it stopped. Well today I had sex and I suddenly started bleeding again. I know they say to wait 2 Weeks, but I felt perfectly fine & nornmal, and since my Dr said to wait AT LEAST 1 week I thought id be fine. Now im worried because I started bleeding in the middle of having sex. Should I be concerned??

Hello, Tonya,

The reason they don't want you to have sex is because of the danger of infection. If you put anything in there, it can cause an infection to get up into the uterus, and the surface is raw and open to the bloodstream.

As for the bleeding during sex, this is because sex causes a hormonal reaction, and the motion also causes blood to be released.

These aren't the things you should be worrying about, actually. There are quite a few others that are far more worrisome. To begin with, abortion causes some fairly significant long term damage. If you have never had a child, you are now greatly at risk of getting breast cancer, and if you get it, you have a 25% chance of dying from it. It can happen before you are 40. For another, abortion can cause auto-immune disease such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. While I can tell you some things you should do to prevent breast cancer, not enough is known to advise you on preventing auto-immune disease. For breast cancer, you should take Vitamin D3, 5000IU, for the rest of your life, and Vitamin K2.

Also, if you ever intend to have children, your abortion could cause a serious birth defect in your child. Surgical abortion does a lot of damage to the cervix, and when the baby gets too heavy, it will simply give way. If your baby is born in the middle of pregnancy, the chance of a serious birth defect is greatly increased. For this reason, you will need to tell your doctor during prenatal care that you have had a surgical abortion, because there are things he can do that might help protect you from this problem. Generally, a doctor will do something called cerclage. A prior surgical abortion can also cause repeat miscarriages.

There are possible emotional consequences. If you are experiencing any emotions that need to be dealt with, there is help available. Let me know.

You really need to stop having sex. You're running the risk of the same thing happening again, that led you to have an abortion in the first place. If you are married, it is good to accept the child. And you can use fertility awareness to help you know when not to have sex. If you are not married, then it sounds like your partner is perfectly willing to take advantage of you, even though you have already compromised yourself medically. You might want to give that some thought and have a talk with him about his continuing to put you at risk. No method of birth control short of abstinence is completely reliable, and most of them aren't reliable at all.

I hope you will think about these things, and start living a safer life. You deserve better than abortion.

What part of the state are you in? You can make the message private if you want. Take care, and keep in touch.


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