QUESTION: my wife (mother of TWo with LSCS, the younger boy of 4 months) with Hemoglobin 7.8gm% and 6-8 wks pregnant took Mifeprestone 200mg 2 days back. now she chanegd her mind and want to continue pregnancy. Now the scan show normal with fetal heart still beating. is it safe to continue pregnancy or will there be any fetal/birth defects in future?
plz respond me urgent. we have to take decision today.

ANSWER: Hello, azra,

It is unlikely that if she is at least 6 weeks, that there will be any major birth defects. If she is 8 weeks, then I would say she is in the clear. If you measured from the day you think she conceived, add two weeks onto those ages. That puts the 6 weeks time well into the clear. A baby can be born with medical problems regardless, but they aren't likely to be due to taking the pills. The normal heart beat is encouraging. The next few days will tell if she is able to continue. You don't need to do anything. It would be very detrimental to her to try to force her to complete the abortion. It could cause some serious emotional issues, and could destroy your marriage. Whatever you do, you need to protect both of them. Abortion is always dangerous, and can also cause problems with your future children.

Make sure she gets some good prenatal care. She should go to the doctor immediately, and ask him to give her progesterone daily for the next few days, just as a safeguard.

If you need help, there is an organization in India that can help you. They can help with medical care in particular. You can find your nearest help here:

Catholic Health Association Of Andhra
Pradesh (CHAAP),
Kothuru Tadepally,
Kamakotinagar (Via),
Vijayawada Rural Mandal,Krishna Dt,AP 520 012,Phone No. 0866-2812727 ,
E-Mail: chaap2011@gmail.com

Please do this. They can help reassure you, and provide any other kind of help you reasonably need.

Please keep in touch and let me know how she and the baby does. I will pray that the baby is all right.

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QUESTION: tx for quick reply.  i have consulted 9 gynaecologist regarding this.  3 told me cotinue pregnancy, 3 asked to abort and warned me of the birth defects if continued and 3 are uncertain. plz plz give me ur personal contact number. i will call u immediately.
my contact  numbet is (0 91 9550279717) tx very much

Hello, azra,

We aren't allowed to give out that kind of personal information. In any case, it would cost you a lot of money to call me, even if it were allowed. I live on the other side of the world.

Don't listen to people who say she should abort. Abortion is very bad medicine, and the consequences of completing the abortion are much more serious than the consequences of continuing the pregnancy. Some doctors will advise abortion because they don't want to get blamed if anything goes wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean that they think it will. They're just not taking any chances. And they would like some of your money. Some doctors want to do abortions because they think we have too many people. But I cannot agree. People are beautiful. For them to condemn your baby and say that your baby is a detriment really makes me angry.

Abortion is unethical. Honest doctors don't do abortions, and they don't advise women to have an abortion. It really upsets me that so many doctors will take advantage of women this way, and are perfectly willing to hurt us for money. It upsets me that so many doctors don't abide by the standards of medical care. If a doctor tells her to complete the abortion, don't have anything to do with that doctor, ever again. His medical judgment cannot be trusted. I know this from personal experience, because I once had to deal with such a doctor, and he lied to me and tried to terrify me. As a result, I had horrible nightmares for months. This is what I mean by emotional impact. I wouldn't wish those nightmares off on my worst enemy, and I don't want to see your wife have such nightmares. Also, a woman who has had an abortion is much more likely to commit suicide. She has two young children to take care of. If she commits suicide or is killed by abortion, who will take care of your children? You don't need any of that in your life or the life of your family.

Please keep in mind that the cost of a complication from abortion can be significant, and that complications are common. Abortion can even kill your wife. If she goes through with it, she could bleed to death, or develop an infection that will kill her within hours. It could kill your future children or cause serious birth defects. You would be trading what appears to be a healthy baby for one with a serious and expensive birth defect in the future. Not only that, but there are long term medical consequences of abortion for women. For example, a woman can develop an auto-immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Not only are these disabling, but they can also be very costly in terms of medical care.

It's not worth it.

I will check my email frequently for several hours, so we can have a conversation here. In the meantime, please call the number I gave you. They can provide help I cannot. I am not near you, and they are. Please do this.

After several hours, I will go to bed for the night. If you write back before I do, I will let you know when I won't be available for a few hours. But I will definitely be here for you, to encourage and support you.


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