Pls i am 3weeks pregnant, I took misoclear misoprostol 200mcg by 10.00pm. I had severe cramps after that and experience bleeding wth some clots in it by 5am. Bt after I changed the first pad, I realized dat I wasn't bleedig anymore. Instead I had some brownish stains and its 1 day past but no blood. Am having cramps slightly and a painful breast. Pls what do I do? I am a Nigeria

I cannot really advise too specifically because I am unable to examine you, but as long as you did have heavy bleeding and passed some clots, the process was probably successful. I would recommend checking 2 pregnancy tests 1 week apart. Note the results of the first test. At this time it will probably still be positive, although if it is negative, of course, this means you are no longer pregnant and you do not have to take the second test. If it is positive, wait 1 week then take another test. At that point, the test (ideally) will be negative, or be 'fainter' positive than the first one. A faint positive result is when the "T" or test line is not a bright or prominent as the "C" or control line. As long as the intensity of the test line is fading, this indicates that the hormone level is dropping, and the pills did their job.

Alternatively, you could be seen for an ultrasound. The doctor would not be able to tell that you had an abortion. It would appear like a miscarriage.  


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