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Let me first start with the background.  I originally found out that I was pregnant Mid-August and my bf and I opted for an abortion given our circumstances.  I began the medical abortion on August 31 with the the pill I took in the office and then I was given the 4 misoprostol (spelling) pills to take the following day.  Within 30 mins of me taking the 4 pills the following day I began to bleed.  Two days after that, I began Loestrin FE 1/20.  That following friday, I had my follow up and they said I was no longer pregnant.  I continued to bleed off and on for 3 weeks.  It was around this 3 week period that I began having sex again with my boyfriend.  

When my period was due, I got light spotting but nothing regular and have been used to getting a regular menstrual period for the past 13 years.  I was concerned that I might be pregnant but after speaking with someone at planned parenthood, I was informed that the chances were very slim .  So i continued with my second pack of birth control.  Now I am coming up on my 2nd period and I am getting cramps, I'm irritable, I have my normal period headache and back paid but still no real period.  I got some spotting last night but now nothing.  Should I be concerned?  Really scared here...

From what you are describing, I do not think that you have anything to be worried about. After the abortion pill, your period will be irregular for 2-4 months, even when on birth control.

If you have not had a regular period after 8 weeks from taking the abortion pill, it would be best to see your abortion provider for a second follow-up, if for no other reason than to give you peace of mind.  


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