QUESTION: Hello i had an abortion on September 11 2013 i was about 10weeks and 2 days along.. its been about 2 months i would have been 20 weeks... my question is i feel a lot of butterfly swimming movement in my lower abdomen area frequently and tighting in right side of stomach I'm nausea and hungry all the time my belly is growing i don't eat much I'm wondering if i may still be pregnant ? I also had vivd dreams of seeing my child in my arms looks just like its dad did my abortion fail or is it just my mind playing tricks?

ANSWER: Diamond,

Hi, and thanks for your question. I apologize for the delay, my daughter was sick yesterday and vomiting for most of the night so I did not have a chance to get online.Did you go to your follow-up after your abortion to ensure that the process was complete? If you did not go to the follow-up it's very hard to say if the abortion was successful. At the abortion facility I work at our doctors examine the products of conception before the patient leaves the exam room, so we know when our patients leave the clinic they are not pregnant.I do not know if this is standard practice at the facility you went too. If they did not examine the tissue it could hypothetically be possible to have an ongoing pregnancy, however the odds are unlikely. The butterfly swimming movements you are feeling could very well be gas, as fetal movement in the beginning stages can mimic the feeling of gas moving through the digestive system.  Have you had a period since your abortion?If so, that is another sign the process was successful. If you went to your follow up and were told the abortion was successful then I would go with what there professional opinion of the abortion being successful.At my facility we use special low sensitivity pregnancy tests( a home urine test would still show positive at follow up time as it takes a while for the HCG in the urine to leave the body). If our low sensitivity tests are negative that is proof the pregnancy has ended. If our special tests show positive we then do an ultrasound. And more than likely the pregnancy did end, the HCG has just not reached low enough levels yet to not react positive on a test. If you did not go your  follow up I would call and explain the situation to the abortion facility and see if they want you to come in for an office visit, or if you prefer you can set up a visit with your own primary care doctor or gynecologist. Statistically speaking the odds are drastically in your favor that your abortion was successful and your mind is just playing tricks on you. But if you did not go to a follow up appointment to ensure the process was complete, I would most definitely set up an appointment to make sure the abortion was successful. Please rate my answer if you don't mind, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.  Good luck to you Diamond!

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QUESTION: Thank you  soo much youre a big help i will get checked as soon as possible. i hope its still inside me. and well the only period i had was light flow of dark brown/red that lasted a day and a half


Thanks for the reply and I am glad to hear that you will be seeking a follow up with the provider. I see you say that you hope the pregnancy is ongoing, I don't want to upset you but I want you to know that in reality, the odds of that happening are extremely low. And if you did happen to be one of the very, very few with an ongoing pregnancy, it is strongly advised that you do terminate the pregnancy as a fetus brought to full term after undergoing a failed abortion has a very high likelihood of birth defects.I really do think the pregnancy was terminated, as most abortions are successful. I don't want to upset you, but I don't want to give you false hopes either. I'm sorry you are having a hard time coping with your decision, some women have a harder time accepting the decision than others. If you need someone to talk to I have 2 hotline numbers that I can provide you. I give them to my patients who need someone to talk with about their abortion experience. The hotline workers are wonderful, they are always there to listen and give advice and they are always non-judgmental. The first number is an organization called BackLine and their number is 1.888.493.0092. The second number is to an organization called Exhale, and their number is 1-866-4-EXHALE( the letters translate to 1-866-439-4253) If you need someone to talk to about this experience either one of these numbers are great. But please do follow through with your follow up appointment, just to be sure. Good luck to you! :)


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