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i found out that i was two weeks pregnant two weeks ago,so i took a drug called isovent. i swallowed one and inserted the other vaginally. that same night i had heavy bleeding, accompanied by blood clots, and when i went to pee i felt something like a lump or large blood clot fall. i bled for a whole week,after which i had a brownish-red discharge for about three days. during that time i was pregnant i used to feel nauseous throughout,used to spit all the time and had what i can call dizzy spells,but after taking the drug these subsided until recently.for the past two days,i have been feeling slightly nauseous and each time i would eat i would throw up,and have started feeling like spitting again.when i took another urine test it turned out positive.i'm now worried.could i possibly still be pregnant?
thank you.

ANSWER: Hello, Stephanie,

Isovent is Misoprostol. It won't necessarily cause an abortion. It is VERY dangerous to take this drug while you are pregnant, and it is VERY, VERY dangerous to put any in your vagina. Please don't EVER do that again!

When you say you were two weeks pregnant when you took the drug, do you mean from when you think you conceived? Had you missed a period yet? Did you take a pregnancy test?

For nausea, sip ginger tea or ginger ale with real sugar. For dizzy spells, try drinking more fluids. Sip if you have to. Sometimes a woman will lose enough blood so that her blood pressure drops, and that can cause dizzy spells. When you are able to eat, get some protein. You can also try watermelon, if you can find it.

The situation you describe is sufficiently confusing that it is hard to tell if you are still pregnant. Pregnancy tests can remain positive for several weeks. I can tell you more when you answer my questions. But the only way you are really going to know for sure is wait and see. I will wait for your answers, and I will be here for you. Please take care of yourself. There are better answers for whatever problems you face as well. You deserve better than abortion.

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QUESTION: Hello. Thank you so much for responding to my question. yes,I was two weeks pregnant from the time i conceived. I had missed my periods and that is when i decided to take a urine pregnancy test,which turned out positive,and that is when i sought a means of abortion.i took the drug on 4th February,this year. After two weeks,that is on 18th February, i took another pregnancy test,which still turned out positive,and which has now left me totally confused.
Thanks for listening to me and being there for me.

Hello, Stephanie,

You're welcome.

From what you have mentioned, yes, a pregnancy test COULD still be positive even if you are not pregnant. I think there is a chance you are still pregnant, however. At this point taking more pills won't help. You need to find a decent doctor. This should be someone who knows abortion is bad medicine and knows how to treat complications. Don't go to a doctor who thinks abortion is acceptable. You cannot trust such a doctor. Abortion is unethical as well. A doctor who thinks abortion is acceptable won't necessarily have your safety as his first concern.

If your pregnancy test showed positive and you had missed your period, you would have been three weeks from conception or five weeks from your last menstrual period. Given what you described, it is also possible you would have miscarried naturally. There are just so many unanswered questions. Either a doctor can help you find out what is happening, or you will have to wait and see.

Please do keep in touch and let me know what you found out. Take care.


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