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QUESTION: Hello, I have had a medical abortion 7 weeks ago but I am still looking pregnant and I still have not got my period my breasts sometimes pain and I swear I feel movement.

Is this normal should I be worried please help. I already have 2 kids.

ANSWER: Hello, candice,

How far along were you when you had this pill abortion? Are you measuring from your last menstrual period, or the day you think you conceived? Do you feel a lump in your stomach if you lie on your stomach?

You are taking a terrible chance! You have two other kids to take care of. Abortion can kill you. Who will take care of your children if it does? Who will take care of them if it disables you? When you are pregnant and you have two other kids, you already have three kids. Your older kids have a right to know and love the younger one. Abortion is so abnormal that it is impossible to say that any particular thing that happens afterwards is normal. None of it is. Please don't try to hurt yourself anymore.

Please let me know the answers to my questions, and I'll tell you more. Thank you.

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QUESTION: I was about 8 week I know it was close to having it done surgically if I waited a few days more I would have had to remove it surgically. Just so you are aware this is not what I would have wanted this was not a easy decision for me at all but keeping the baby would have been worse as I was not able to provide for it at all. I am trying to look after the kids I have to the best I can this was not planned either when I was told I was preg I got such a fright I didn't ever think I would be preg. I bled a lot after taking the pills a lot of pain as well there was a lot of blood clots and after that I bled for a few days. I have not bled since then and that was the 16th dec 2012

Hello, candice,

Your situation breaks my heart! No woman should ever have an abortion she doesn't want. And the only reason a woman could conclude (as you did) that an abortion will cause fewer problems than trying to provide for another baby, is because she has been lied to. Given how EXPENSIVE treatment can be for complications for abortion, and how COMMON these complications are, it makes NO sense to have an abortion for that reason. And because you didn't want an abortion, it is likely you could benefit from some caring concern and some counseling. You also will need medical attention. The amount of bleeding and pain you experienced doesn't say whether the abortion was successful or not. Those pills cause bleeding. They cause bleeding even in women who are not pregnant.

8 weeks is really past the point when the pills work. You could easily still be pregnant. At 15 weeks (which is what you would be now), yes, feeling movement is possible if a woman is relatively thin. I felt mine at 14 weeks. If you lie on your stomach and can feel a lump, you are almost certainly still pregnant. If you cannot feel a lump, you are grieving, and your nerves are playing tricks on you when you think you feel movement. In either case, there is help available, and I URGE you to take advantage of it. No woman should ever be forced to choose between her children.

Contact one of the following organizations. They will help you in a way that you deserve. They will not harm you medically, and they will make sure you get good care.

Africa Christian Action
Postal: PO Box 23632, Claremont, 7735, South Africa

Doctors for Life International
Postal: PO Box 6613, Zimbali, 4418, South Africa
Phone +27 (32) 4815550
Fax +27 (32) 4815554

Human Life International

Postal: P.O.Box 913, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7435
Phone.: 021-552 3850
Fax: 021-551 6748

Please do this, and keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will be here for you. You are in my prayers.


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I can help women with the consideration of their decision, and with resources, and I can share my own experiences as the mother of seven and grandmother of eleven. My approach is to show love and concern, and help women work through the issues, emotional, spiritual, practical. I also help women deal with boyfriend and family issues. I am not a doctor, but I have done extensive medical research, so I may be able to help with information. I am female. When you write, if you are or were pregnant, please tell me how far along you were or are, and if you have had an abortion, please tell me what kind. Thank you.


I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

I am mostly self-taught. I also studied midwifery for awhile. I have spent years doing research on this topic. In fact, I have been doing research and working in this area since the early 1970's. I have been helping women online for a few years, under the guidance of a woman who was formally training in counseling.

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