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Abortion/medical abortion and defects on baby


Am a mother of a 10 months, took in mistakenly, we decided keeping it will be too much for me, so I bought misoprostol and inserted virginally in 2 doses on both times, no bleeding, nothing happened, after a week plus , I have decided to keep the pregnancy but am scarred of defects on the baby, will this affect my baby , pls help me,I want to know so I know my next line of action.  
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello, Mother,

How far along were you when you took the pills? Let me know, and I can tell you more. Thank you.

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Sorry forgot to put that, 4 weeks and a few days.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

ANSWER: Hello, Mother,

One more question. When you say you were 4 weeks and a few days, were you counting from your last period, or from the day you think you conceived? Thanks again! And you're welcome.

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From my last period.

Thank you

Hello, Mother,

I can't tell you definitively that there would be no problems; however, it would seem that taking them that early would either result in a miscarriage or no damage. The only thing you can really do is wait and see if there are any problems. The fact that the pills had no effect would tend to indicate there isn't a problem. But again, no one can say for sure at this point. The baby would have only implanted days earlier, and would still have been nourished off the yolk sac, because it takes time for the placenta to grow. While it is known that Misoprostol can cause deformities, what I have not yet been able to trace down is exactly WHEN it has to be taken for this to occur. Apparently defects only occur about 1% of the time, but I can't support that figure, either, at this point.

Given your desires (which I fully support), I would recommend doing nothing. But I think only time will tell for sure if there will be problems. Please keep in touch. I will be here for you. Most mothers worry about the health of their babies regardless of whether they did anything to cause abortion or not. It comes with the territory, and it is primarily because we can't see our babies and be reassured they are fine. So don't be surprised if you have difficulty from time to time. Just hang in there. Take one day at a time.

When your baby is a little bigger, they'll be able to do ultrasounds. At first, these will be too crude to tell you anything, though some doctors will try to insist that there is this kind of problem or that kind of problem, in order to talk a mother into abortion. Don't let them get to you. If you have a doctor like that, find someone else. There are doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, both obstetricians and pediatricians. These are the sort of people you should work with. There are organizations in UK that will have affiliations with such doctors. You can find an organization near you by going here:

I will pray for you both. Please feel free to write any time. Keep yourself and your baby safe.


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