QUESTION: Hello Pat,

I recently took Misoprostol, to help because of miscarriage (this was my first pregnancy). Doctor said (after internal u/s) that the embryo wasn't growing and was abnormal. By my 8th week my hormones had declined significantly and he had given me the pills. The pills worked (vaginally inserted) as they should and I have a follow up appointment to make sure that it worked completely in one week from now. My question is; What would happen if I did get pregnant before I received my next menstrual cycle? Many people are saying to wait because it takes time for the medication to leave your system and can cause terrible abnormal problems with the fetus, is this true? or just a precaution? what is the percentage of defective births because someone got pregnant before their next cycle? Any information provided is appreciated. I am just trying to educate myself as much as possible.

Thank you so very much for your time.


ANSWER: Hello, Christine,

You're welcome.

First of all, don't have anything further to do with that doctor! Anyone who would tell a woman to use Misoprostol vaginally ought to have his license revoked! The problem is that it can cause a normally benign bacterium to start a killer infection, through toxic shock syndrome, and it will kill a woman in hours. I don't know how long it has been since you took these, but if it was any time in the past two weeks, you need to see another doctor IMMEDIATELY. Ask him to test you for Clostridium sordellii. If you have this bacterium in your system, he needs to start aggressive life-saving measures immediately. In this case, a woman's immune system is shut down, and she won't even develop a fever. Her body won't fight back. Once a woman's organs start to shut down, there is no way I know of that her life can be saved.

While Misoprostol does cause serious birth defects (microcephaly leading to serious mental retardation and an abnormally small head, foreshortened limbs, and frozen face muscles), taking it BEFORE you get pregnant would have one of two consequences. Either it would simply cause an early miscarriage, or it would have no effect at all. At least, from the evidence I have seen, this is the most likely thing. I can't swear to it, but that early, if there is any serious malformation developing, it would be incompatible with life. I haven't seen any medical literature on your question, but from what I do know, that would be my best conclusion.

It would be wise to try to wait a couple of months to try for pregnancy again, but if it happens earlier, don't worry about it. Instead, find a doctor who is knowledgeable about complicatons from abortion, and let him advise you. In any case, because of the severe danger of infection, you should not insert anything into your vagina for a couple of weeks (so no sex).

If you are married, I can provide links to resources that will explain how to tell if you become fertile before your first period. If not, it would be in your best interests not to have sex until you are.

I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Misoprostol is an FDA approved medication. I have no doubt in my mind that the doctor was doing his job. There has only been one incident in Canada in 2001 with death concerning TSS and Clostridium sordellii.

I have done my research. I mean these days there is more of percentage of a chance to be hit by a car. I appreciate your concern, though that had nothing to do with the question and I don't think scaring me into thinking that this medication might kill me is right. I have a follow up appointment with my Family doctor in one week from now, any concerns I have I will bring up with him. I am sure that the doctor had the same concern though wasn't going to take the time to tell me that there is a 1 in 6000000 chance that I might have this bacteria and it might kill me.

Thank you for the information that was provided. I did hear of people having birth defect because they were taking the medication before they got pregnant, though have not found information on someone getting pregnant after taking the medication but before their next menstruation. I do plan on waiting 1 cycle, I was just curious if there were any cases of defects afterwards.

Thank you.

Hello, Christine,

You may have done some research, but you didn't do enough. The FDA CANNOT BE TRUSTED. They approve all kinds of really dangerous medications, including statins and psychotropics, and dangerous foods, including genetically engineered food. It allows food manufacturers to use monosodium glutamate, a deadly neurotoxin, and artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, which turns into formaldehyde in the body and causes weight gain. Only an ignorant person or a fool would trust the FDA. The agency BELONGS to the pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. It has conflict of interest problems like you wouldn't believe! Misoprostol is NOT APPROVED for the use made of it here. It is a stomach ulcer medication! It really ought to be banned altogether. It can cause a woman to bleed to death, or rupture her uterus. Furthermore, the FDA has prohibited doctors from instructing women to insert it vaginally.

You NEED to be scared enough to go see a doctor and get tested. Clostridium sordellii is a COMMON resident in women's bodies. Any doctor who won't take the time to tell you vital information should not be practicing medicine. After a miscarriage, there are much safer ways to treat a woman. Giving a woman Misoprostol is NOT a safe way, especially in the vagina.

Perhaps the number of women THAT WE KNOW ABOUT that die after taking Misoprostol vaginally is relatively small, but for the victims, the chance is 100%. We don't know how many women die where the cause of death is reported as something else, but the number is at least in the thousands. It is customary for doctors in the United States to report the COMPLICATION as cause of death, not the abortion or improper use of Misoprostol. Nobody is monitoring all this misrepresentation.

Please remember, this is an area I have studied deeply. This is why I am volunteering at this site. Nobody would expect you to know all these things, especially if you live in Canada. Doctors may fail to give you vital information. I won't. I am not concerned about how many women die or do not die, I am concerned about warning women so they don't.

I am glad you found the other information useful. I think you are wise to wait a cycle to try again. I hope this time you have a better experience. Please take care.


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