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Had a surgical abortion two weeks ago and pregnancy was nine weeks and three days,had serious cramps and neusea for about three days also passed out blood clot for about three days and I bleed for two weeks. Am still spotting and I noticed I still feel fatigue whenever I do strenous work The issue is I took a home pregnancy test today and two strong lines still turned up. I have not had sex since my abortion Should I be worried?

Hello, Sarah,

About these issues, no, you shouldn't be particularly worried. Fatigue would be due to the fact you underwent a vicious surgery, and also because your pregnancy hormones are still high. The pregnancy test often stays positive for several weeks. There is a very slight chance they didn't get everything, so if you continue to have symptoms, see a doctor, but not the one who did the abortion. He won't want to admit he caused you any problems.

You should be worried about having an abortion, however, because the medical consequences can be severe. If this was your first pregnancy, you are much more likely to get breast cancer. The type of breast cancer kills 1/4 of its victims, and it strikes before a woman is 40. To help safeguard yourself against this, I recommend you take Vitamin D3 (5000IU per day) and Vitamin K2. You are also much more likely to get an auto-immune disease, but there isn't an easy method to prevent this. Your future children are at risk. Repeat miscarriages and very early birth are much more common. Very early birth can cause some fairly serious birth defects. Tubal pregnancy and the necessity for Caesarian section are also more common. You will need to get good prenatal care and tell your doctor you had a surgical abortion. He can do a procedure called cerclage to try to prevent miscarriage and premature birth. If you have any pain during the first few weeks of pregnancy, especially on one side, see the doctor IMMEDIATELY. This could be a life-threatening emergency. You should continue not to have sex, if you are not married. There is no sense in putting yourself back into the same position, and no method of contraception is foolproof. "Protection" doesn't work, either.

You may have emotional consequences. If you do, you should get some counseling. There are organizations all over UK that provide this service. You can find one near you by going here:

Please take care of yourself. No more abortions. They are too dangerous and you deserve better. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing, and feel free to ask any other questions you might have.


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I can help women with the consideration of their decision, and with resources, and I can share my own experiences as the mother of seven and grandmother of eleven. My approach is to show love and concern, and help women work through the issues, emotional, spiritual, practical. I also help women deal with boyfriend and family issues. I am not a doctor, but I have done extensive medical research, so I may be able to help with information. I am female. When you write, if you are or were pregnant, please tell me how far along you were or are, and if you have had an abortion, please tell me what kind. Thank you.


I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

I am mostly self-taught. I also studied midwifery for awhile. I have spent years doing research on this topic. In fact, I have been doing research and working in this area since the early 1970's. I have been helping women online for a few years, under the guidance of a woman who was formally training in counseling.

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