Pls, at what stage of pregnancy can abortion pill affect a baby? I took some a few days ago but I didn't feel any reaction. My boyfriend actually bought it for me because he said he is not ready for a baby. I really prayed that it doesn't work while taking it, but now that it didn't work, I want my baby safe. I will decline from doing anything to it again. I am a month and three weeks.

Hello, emily,

I hate it when the father tries to coerce a woman into having an abortion she doesn't want! If he wasn't ready for a baby, he shouldn't have started one! But keep in mind that a lot of men aren't ready for a baby until they can know for sure, themselves, that there is really a baby there. This normally doesn't happen until the fourth month or later. They need to experience some evidence, such as an ultrasound, or hearing the heartbeat, or seeing changes in the mother's body, or feeling the baby kicking. So your boyfriend may come around; give him time. Just tell him outright that you want this baby, and be firm about it.

If you are a month and three weeks since you think you conceived, the likelihood the pills will harm your baby is very small. If you are a month and three weeks since your last menstrual period, but nothing happened, then it is unlikely your baby was harmed, either. That is a borderline situation. Sometimes pills "work" and sometimes they don't. The baby is completely formed by 8 weeks, and that would be from a woman's last menstrual period. No major defects can be caused by the pills at that point.

To be more specific, if a woman takes Mifepristone to begin with, and she is six weeks since her last menstrual period, there is about a 15% failure rate. By seven weeks, the failure rate is very high. That means the baby will be OK. You can go to the doctor and ask him to check your progesterone levels. He can give you extra progesterone for a short time if needed. If you need to find a doctor who will help you, you can visit this web site:


This web site has listings for UK.

I hope this helps. Please keep in touch and let me know what happens. I will pray for all three of you.


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