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 Today I took the first dose of the abprtion pill process, the mifepristone . I took one pill orally at 330-345 pm today , immediately I felt grief and regret and was able to contact an organization who is giving me hope that my baby may still be alive, they have found a local doctor willing to see me tomorrow morning and give me the progesterone shot if my baby is alive in the ultrasound tomorrow. My question is do I really have a chance in saving my baby? Also will the pill have any birth defects on my baby if born full term? Planned parenthood informed me it causes severe birth defects but I have realized they have been in truthful about a lot through my experience with them. I was exactly 8 weeks today -confirmed by ultrasound at the clinic, when I took the pill. And again, it has been less than 24 hours since I have taken it. Tomorrow at my appt it will be about 16-18 hours after taking the mifepristone.

ANSWER: Hello, Becky,

I can give you the utmost of encouragement on this. Your baby is completely formed, so there is no danger of any significant birth defects as a result of the pill. By the time the baby is 8 weeks, he is almost always making his own progesterone, so it is very unlikely that the pill will do any damage whatsoever. The shot is a good remedy.

In fact, the FDA has specifically said the pills should NOT be given past 49 days because of the high failure rate at producing abortion. That's 7 weeks from the last menstrual period.

Yes, women have successfully had normal babies after an experience like yours. And no, Planned Parenthood is not truthful. They are pathological liars. You can't trust anything they say.

Please let me know what happens, and keep in touch. I will pray for you both.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I want to let you know I was given two shots of progesterone today and some to take home for the following days. Later this afternoon about 4 hours after the shots , the doctor ordered an ultrasound to be done. I am still on track with the 8 weeks one day idea and my baby had a normal heart beet and nothing appeared abnormal they said. But I am still very nervous pat, is it really possible for me to walk away with this with a healthy baby after taking the mifepristone? I just want my baby to be okay, I think grief has really set in for me and this is why I am panicking.( The ultrasound was done almost exactly 24 hours after taking the mifepristone ). Is their a possibility I could lose my baby tonight even though I've already received some progesterone? How soon does the progesterone help to aid the baby?

Hello, Becky,

Thanks so much for staying in touch! I am happy for you! I am praying for you both. The progesterone would start helping immediately.

Please be aware that there are no guarantees with a pregnancy. Some babies simply have difficulties. But the likelihood that the pills actually CAUSED any damage in your case is very small.

You were far enough along your baby would already be making his own progesterone. The shots are a precaution and because in all probability, you were still contributing to the progesterone. I don't think you will "walk away" with a healthy baby. I am sure you will feel regrets and other feelings. When that happens, just send a little prayer for comfort to God. Hang in there. We mothers do rise to the occasion, because we love our children, and that will help us deal with whatever comes. The pills have a lot of drawbacks, but on the positive side, there are occasions like yours where everything will be fine. You have time to change your mind. I know what it is like to think you have harmed your own child. I've been there. It wasn't fun, but I made it through, and so will you.

Will you be needing any help dealing with the problems that caused abortion to seem like a good idea?

Please do keep in touch. I am anxious to read how things go. Take good care of both of you!


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