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QUESTION: i had my surgical abortion (d &c) last jan 29 2013. my last period start lat dec 24 2012. after two weeks of the surgery i still felt my nausea and dizziness. i check my bp was 90/60. i had positive urine est.  so i decided to go back to.check if its successful. they check and repeat slightly the procedure.. they said just to make it sure. the second procedure done last feb 17. now, i dont have nausEa and dizzines. i dont have much bleeding. no pain at all but what im worried about is my tummy is slightly bloating  . im wondrin if my procedure is not successful? or just a colic. i dint hae peace of mind till now. pls.your opinion would be a great help.

ANSWER: Hello, anne,

Because of the law in your country, it isn't possible to trust anyone who would do an abortion. Even if the law were different, it still wouldn't be possible, but the fact is, only people who have no ethics will perform them. You have seen for yourself how harmful abortion can be. A bp of 90/60 is far too low. That's what causes the dizziness. You should drink fluids. You have also been subjected to two occasions when a nasty infection could start, and this could cause bloating. A little over a month after a period is very early to be doing a surgical abortion anyway. It would be easy for them to miss the baby.

You need some decent medical care. You won't get it from people who don't care about women. Doing an abortion on a woman is a vicious act. You need to be checked out to make sure you are OK. Please contact people at one of these phone numbers:

733 7027
0919-233 7783 text

I will pray for you, that you are safe. Please don't ever have another abortion. Abortion can kill or seriously harm you or your future children. Please keep yourself safe. Let me know how you do.

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QUESTION: thank you very much. i really want somebody to talk to and an obgyne but i dont know who can understand me. im afraid to tell them that ive been in procedure. i have one daughter 2 yrs old. i just did it bcoz of ersonal reason. i really dont want but thats my only way.

ANSWER: Hello, anne,

Thank you for contacting me again. Now I know you are still OK. But you may still have medical problems, so you really need to see a good doctor. Please keep in mind that a major reason why the law prohibits abortion is because your country wants to protect you from abortionists. You deserve that protection.

I am here. We can talk all you need to. Don't be afraid to call one of the phone numbers. They won't hurt you. I can't help you with the medical problems, which is one reason why you need to call the number closest to you. You should never have an abortion you don't want. I will be happy to talk to you about your personal reasons, too.

But please don't be afraid to contact those people. They know what the law is, and they help women.

Please keep in touch and let me know what happens.

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QUESTION: hi pat..
i resume on my work now. no pain in my stomach. i dont have nausea and dizziness at all. its just my tummy bloating and it feels like more gas inside and still my pregnancy test is still positve. im thinking if i should go to the lying in where i am given birth to my daughter. i dont know what should i tell them.

Hello, anne,

I am happy you are keeping in touch and you are feeling better. Pregnancy tests are often positive for several weeks.

I don't know how the lying in would react to you having had an abortion. They might feel they have to report it. I can't say. But if you didn't tell them the truth, they might not be able to figure out what is wrong. If you are concerned about the law, it is better to go to the people I recommended. If you still have questions about your body, it would be wise to have it checked out. Please take care.


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