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QUESTION: Hy pat....
firstly i would like to say that after reaching this section em feeling much comfort and that em not alone.
i took misoprostal last day and after 2 hours i had bleeding..then heavy one like a cup was thrown and after that clots but it decreased at night and after that not at all just that thrz still blood in my vagina which i find on using tissue...does it mean i had successful abortion ?
em so afraid its my v.first time

ANSWER: From what you are describing, it sounds like the procedure did work, however this won't immediately be able to be confirmed without an ultrasound. If you can not have an ultrasound performed, I would recommend waiting 2 weeks from when you first took the misoprostol and then taking a pregnancy test. If it were to be negative, then you will know that it was successful. If, at that point, the test is still positive, wait one additional week and perform another test. The "T" line on the test should be getting fainter if you are no longer pregnant. If it were to still be positive after 4 weeks, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

This website may help you:

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QUESTION: hy thanks too thought so but its my third day and bleeding totally stopped...em bit afraid .is it ok that bleeding stop after 2 days ?
i visited that site and that says that i did successfully.

The bleeding associated with misoprostol is very unpredictable. Some women will have minimal bleeding, as you are describing, while some will have heavier bleeding. Follow-up with the pregnancy tests as I suggested before. That should let you know whether or not it was successful.  


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