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Good day G,

i am writing some additional information about myself.G i have lost 3 Kg weight.i was 49 kg & at doctors clinic i weighted i found i am now 46 kg.& the decision going with parents was made by my mom & dad.cause they are watching me from last few days that i am suffering from bloated stomach most of the time.& having gas problems.& also bowel movement i couldn't get time to find a way to visit a personal doctor this time.& i really don't know where a catholic Doctor i can found.i tried but couldn't get any information about it.The Medicine doctor i have visited has given me Tab.Rabifast 2 times a day & Tab.Domiren 3 times a day.& told me to avoid coffee(which i am avoiding last 3 months),chocolate,fat type foods.

I have contacted over phone to the Gynecologist who suggested me the medicines of abortion and post abortion(Metharspan,Anaroxyl & misoprostol).now she told me to take a uterine tonic called Menotox(ACME Group) to heal my condition.
It contains all herbal composition.& used for premenstrual syndrome,menstrual irregularities,Dysmenorrhoea,Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.i am taking it morning and night after meal.she told me that after getting my 1st period it will be alright.But i am not taking the tablets doctor has given me that i have mentioned.Do u think that's okay?or should i take all of them together with this tonic?

G,i hope u r not mad at me.i know i am asking u same qsn's repeatedly.but u know i am tangled in this situation very badly.i have searched on web about bloating and swelling after abortion.i found that many women have suffered this situation.& some are still suffering.& doc's are saying that this is normal.i don't know what to believe in. our Holy Qur'an Allah has told that we will be given mercy when we will want it from our heart and soul.& promise not to repeat it again.i am offering namaz & praying,reading holy books to find a way toward peace.may be someday i will be forgiven and will recover from current situation.this situation i am going through because of own deeds.& now i am paying for it.

stay fine G.

Best Regards

Hello, Safreen,

I checked out Menotox, but I have more research to do. I am not familiar with all of the herbs. Right now, I can't do it because I have too much going on, on my computer. However, I will mention that I don't recommend taking any pills for your stomach problems. They won't help. The Menotox might help, if what is causing your stomach problems is your uterus. If it is your stomach and intestines, it won't help that, and you should ask your doctor what the Menotox is supposed to help, since from what you told me, you are no longer bleeding. If you took antibiotics in the past, you may need to restore the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. To do this, drink fermented liquids or eat fermented vegetables. My favorites are kefir and kombucha. Sauerkraut, kim chee (a Korean food, made of cabbage, and spicy), or anything pickled might help. These should also help your digestion. For digestion, if you can get it, I recommend bromelain. If you can't get it, try pineapple. Also try other sour fruits such as lemon juice in water. Usually, when a person has problems with burping or food coming up, it is because she doesn't have enough stomach acid, but many of these drugs just reduce the amount of acid even more. That can be a disaster. I'll also look up the drugs you mentioned as soon as I have enough stuff off my computer so I can do research. I will also ask some people I know, and see if they can comment.

I am still praying for you. My heart aches for you. Pray that God will make Himself known to you in a personal way. He will. Hang in there. God loves you, and so do I.


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