Hi doc.I had a medical abortion(cytotec only) early march.two weeks afterwards,scan revealed presence of a gestational sac plus fluid in the pouch of douglas.I went to see a doctor and had manual vacuum aspiration on the 11th of april,I did not bleed but had spottin for 5days.I was also given some antibiotics treatment which I completed.I had a follow-up exam 5days after the MVA which included a scan and it showed an empty uterus.evrything has been going on fine but since last week friday,I have been noticing thin,stretchy odorless brownish mucus discharge.I am confused,don't know if it is a sign of ovulation or infection.pls help...

After an Aspiration Procedure, it is expected that your menstrual cycle will be irregular. It could be that you are about to get a period. The blood presenting as 'brown'or 'dark' is not of concern, as this just indicates that it is 'old' blood, more than likely residual left over from the procedure. I do not feel concerned that this could be an infection, unless it is accompanied by strong cramping, odor, or fever.

If your symptoms worsen, you should see a doctor. Otherwise, I would recommend waiting a week or two and taking a home pregnancy test to be sure it is negative. Good luck.  


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