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I had an abortion awhile back and my mom said something about tampons were not safe. This is the 2nd time im on my period & i just wanted to know if its safe to were tampons.. Please help .

Hello, Courtney,

Where was your mom when they did such a dangerous thing to you?

Tampons have been known to cause death from toxic shock syndrome. They can introduce infection into the uterus. A surgical abortion causes damage to the surface of the uterus, and this makes getting an infection into your blood stream more likely. In most cases, eventually scar tissue will form. This will tend to seal off the access to your blood supply, but they can also cause grave problems when you get pregnant and bear a child. If the child cannot attach to your uterus in a good place because of a scar, he or she may attach lower in your uterus and you could have a condition known as placenta previa. This is when the placenta partly or completely covers the opening in your cervix. During labor, the placenta can tear loose from the pressure on it.  It is a life-threatening condition and requires a Caesarian section to save both mother and child from bleeding to death. When you do get pregnant, it is vitally important you have good prenatal care and tell the doctor about your abortion. If you had a pill abortion, you are still at risk for miscarriage and very premature birth, just as with surgical abortion. Very premature birth is a leading cause of some fairly serious birth defects. You also need to take Vitamin D3 for the rest of your life, to help prevent breast cancer. Abortion greatly increases the risk. I take about 5000IU a day (and it has been said the requirement is around 8000IU) and along with that, I take 200mg of Vitamin K2 a day to help prevent overdose on Vitamin D3.

I would never recommend anyone use tampons, whether they have had an abortion or not.

I hope this helps.


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