Abortion/scan results.


Hi Dr,my concern for now is that i went for scan and the report says that there is a single intrauterine gestation sac with a fetal mode of active cardiac motions.
CRL- 1.1 CM
and that there is a thine film of echo free fluid noted in the sub-chronic space.
intra uterine pregnancy at 7weeks associated with minimal sub-chronic hemorrhage.could i still be pregnant? below is the question i asked last time
Hi Dr,my concern is that i had an abortion with misoprostol,two weeks ago.the nurse gave me twelve tablets of misoprostol to swallow 4 after every three hours.the pregnancy test is still positive and have lost appetite.could it be that am still pregnant?

If a sonogram shows a gestational sac inside the uterus, then the pills unfortunately did not work. You will need to follow up with a doctor to decide how to best move forward. You may be able to attempt the pills again, however, I would recommend, at this point, that you move forward under a doctor's supervision.  


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