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QUESTION: doc., dis happend on 1st may @ 2 in d noon. me n my gf were just playing with my penis., i ws just rubbin my penis against her vagina. no sperms were on my penis. m 99 % sure. bt, for d safer side., she took ipill @ 9 in d ni8 d same day.even though no sex hs occured., she hs taken ipill. ll it cause harm? pls reply..

ANSWER: Hello, madhu,

Please know I am not a doctor. I am a medical researcher.

The iPill is actually quite dangerous. Occasionally it will even kill a woman, and it can cause other long term harm. It is foolish to take such a dangerous medication if you don't even know whether you need it or not. Please do not let your girlfriend do this again.

The best thing to do is respect her body. She deserves your respect, and she needs it. Don't play with each other. Stay out of private places where playing with each other would be a temptation. Please be aware that if she is fertile, you can leave behind a small quantity of fluid even on the outside, and there is a chance it will make it into her body and cause pregnancy. Another very important reason for you to respect each other is because of the emotional harm that is caused by inappropriate activity. Even if she doesn't get pregnant, if either of you has ever had sex with someone else, or played with someone else, that person could pass on a sexually transmitted disease to the other person. There are about 50 of them, and some of them are very serious. Certain STDs can make a Caesarian section necessary to protect the baby. Caesarian section is a serious operation and is the leading cause of maternal death in childbirth. It is also not best for the baby.

In the future, please do not rely on "protection" but simply refuse to violate each other with such play. If at any time pregnancy occurs, there are organizations which will help without having to resort to a very dangerous abortion. ALL abortions are dangerous, and cause long term medical harm, even if a woman doesn't have immediate complications. It is a vicious attack on a woman's body.

A woman who has taken the iPill can expect it to disrupt her menstrual cycle, so don't be surprised if it does this. Don't expect her period at a particular time. Just leave her be, and don't hurt her any more. Take care of her. She is precious and deserves your protection. Let me know how you both do. If you truly love each other, get married. If not, treat each other as valued friends.

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QUESTION: thanks
alot mam.. we luv each other alot n we r sure to get married.. i
promise dt i ll take gud care of her mam.. i wanted to ask dt., wt mi8
be d maximum number of days by which her periods mi8 be postponed mam.?

ANSWER: Hello, madhu,

You're very welcome.

When a woman takes a powerful hormone pill, there is no way to determine how long her periods might be postponed. You will have to wait and see. Be patient. It is unlikely she is pregnant. If she starts to get any symptoms of pregnancy, let me know.

Keep in touch. Take care.

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QUESTION: thanks again mam. mam, she is still a virgin. i hv never inserted my penis inside her vagina. her vagina layer is still untorn. so., nw hs she got any chance of being pregnant?

Hello, madhu,

Thank you for continuing to write with your questions.

It is very rare for a woman to become pregnant just from touching on the outside of her body, but it does occasionally happen. If she has fertile mucus outside her body but still connected to fertile mucus within, and a single drop from the man touches the mucus, it can happen. The fertile mucus actually forms a substance in which sperm can swim, and swim they do! But unless she had fertile mucus, and this was touched by fluid from you, she won't be pregnant.

It is very unlikely she is pregnant, but not totally impossible. I think you should try to assume she's not pregnant, unless you see some evidence otherwise (not including her period being thrown off). It is good to hear she is still a virgin. Please stay away from temptation by not going to a private place where it is easy to yield. Then you both will be safe until you are able to care for a child.

Take good care of her.


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