QUESTION: i had taken unwanted-72 on 6 april i this month my period was not return till now..my due date was 5th of april....i tested for pregnancy through i-pill it was negative...wat was the possible reason for the missed periods??? when will they return most probably??

ANSWER: Hi Yamini, Sometimes taking an abortion pill with extra hormones will affect your natural cycle. Have you taken any other pills since then? Have you taken a pregnancy test again? Please let me know. You can also email me privately at CHERYL51@aol.com so we can talk more. Hope to hear from you soon.

Diane Cheryl

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QUESTION: no i didn't took any medicine after that unwanted 72 about which i told u earlier nd i took pregnancy test again and it was again negative..i consulted with doctor on 14 may but i didnt told her about unwanted 72 she gave me 6 dozes of progesterone for 3 days my dozes are now finished and it is my 5th day since i'm taking progesterone tablets but till now i didnt get my periods back plz suggest me how long should i have to wait?and what can i do to get my periods bck?is there any possibility that i'm nt getting my periods due to pregnancy but it is not detectable through pregnancy home kit?

Dear Yamini, Thanks for your followup question. It's possible that you could be pregnant but I would think that you would start having some kind of pregnancy symptoms. Your period could be abnormal because you are taking progesterone tablets and that you took the emergency pills. I can't really tell you but can you tell your doctor the whole truth? That would help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis. Let me know how you are doing. Email me at CHERYL51@aol.com

Diane Cheryl


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