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Abortion/Am I pregnant?


QUESTION: I had and abortion on Thursday, May 9. At the time I was 8 weeks and 3 days along in my pregnancy. My symptoms all went away that weekend.  I had intercourse 2 weeks and 1 day later. I started experiencing pregnancy symptoms a little over a week ago (mood swings, nausea, headache, bleeding gums, fatigue, increased saliva,etc.) On June 18, I started bleeding moderately. This stopped all of a sudden today June 20. My periods are usually 4-5 days with heavy bleeding. Could I be pregnant again?

ANSWER: Hello, Jasmine,

You didn't say what kind of abortion you had. This is important. Please let me know.

If you had a pill abortion, it is entirely possible you are still pregnant, rather than pregnant again. On the other hand, if you really did have a successful abortion on May 9, there is a chance you were fertile when you had intercourse.

If you need to avoid pregnancy, the only reliable way to do so is to refrain from having sex. It may not be in your best interests to keep having sex. You can also get a sexually transmitted disease if your partner ever had sex with anyone else, even if he hasn't told you about it. If you are married, obviously you will want to have sex and rightly so. At the same time, you don't have to have an abortion; there is help available to meet your needs. Abortion can harm your future children, perhaps severely, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Let me know what kind of abortion you had, and I can comment further. Take good care of yourself, and keep yourself safe.

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QUESTION: It was a surgical abortion. How soon should I take a pregnancy test?

Hello, Jasmine,

You should first take a pregnancy test about 3 weeks after intercourse, no sooner. As for the abortion itself, it is not common to be fertile that soon. If you are having unexpected episodes of bleeding (not your period), you may have had an injury that was unexpected, so keep an eye on that. All abortions harm a woman's body, and cause long term medical problems, but some cause more harm than others.

According to my calculations, you would have had intercourse on May 24. June 18 would have been early for a period. If you were fertile on the 24th, you would have been scheduled to start your period on June 8 or so, and if you had been fertile a couple of days before or after, then the range would be around June 6 through June 10. By now, it will have been three weeks, so you can test. There is a chance you were pregnant but had a miscarriage. If you have any further questions about this, it would be best to have a doctor test your hormones.

When you first become pregnant with a child in the future, be sure and get good prenatal care, and let the doctor know you had a surgical abortion. If he knows, he can watch for the possibility of miscarriage or very early birth. Very early birth is a leading cause of serious birth defects. The doctor can do a cerclage to prevent this. But he needs to know. And there may be problems at the time of birth. For this reason, a homebirth should be out of the question. Keep in mind that abortion does serious damage to a woman's body, and the more abortions a woman has, the more damage is done. Please don't do it again. Keep yourself safe. Let me know what happens, and take care.


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