QUESTION: i had an abortion may 31 n i finally got my period  july 5 and now its july 13 is there something wrong with me? i have neever had period for that long. In between my period it has stop for like 2days and start back agen is there something wrong?

ANSWER: Hello, asley,

You didn't say what kind of abortion you had. That is important. Abortions cause a LOT of damage to a woman's body. The kind of symptom you are reporting, erratic bleeding, is common. I would venture to guess you had a surgical abortion, and your body reacted as if you had given birth. There will be a period of time when there is no period, and then periods resume again. Normally, if a baby is breastfeeding, this delays a woman's period. There would be a shorter delay if she doesn't breastfeed.

You're talking about having bled for eight days. Is that correct? And you don't bleed continually, but skip a couple of days and bleed again. Is this an accurate description? You might want to have your body checked out and some hormones measured, to help with peace of mind.

There are organizations in Canada that provide services to women who have experienced abortion. You can find one near you by going to this site:


You will need to specify your city.

I urge you to do this. Abortion is serious business, and you need to be checked out. It can have long term consequences of all sorts. They can provide medical help and counsel you. Please do this, and take care of yourself. No more abortions! Not only can they kill you, but they can harm your future children. Let me know how things go for you.

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QUESTION: yes i did have a surgical .can i go to my doctor to get cheaked up or do i have 2 go to the place were i had it one

ANSWER: Hello, asley,

You should NOT go to the place where you had the abortion. They cannot be trusted. They won't be honest with you if you suffered an unusual complication. They don't want to admit that abortion hurts women. If they were truly trustworthy, they would never have done an abortion on you in the first place.

You can go to your own doctor. I recommended finding an organization because they are affiliated with doctors who are familiar with the complications and damage of abortion. But either way, stay away from that place where you had it done. If it is at all like the typical places where they do abortions, they are very much substandard. After a surgical abortion, you really shouldn't be experiencing the things you have told me about. But a high percentage of women suffer damage that was not deliberately intended. Abortion is medically unethical. People who do them have poor medical judgment.

By all means, go somewhere else. If your doctor is not familiar with the damage abortion can do, check out the organization. If he is familiar, it would be good to go see him.

Let me know what you find out. Take care.

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QUESTION: i don't understand your saying " After a surgical abortion, you really shouldn't be experiencing the things you have told me about." ......i only said my bleeding is just longer than my period normally is i been searching the internet n i been seeing that its normal for you to bleed or something like that so is something very wrong ? i m going to see my doctor on monday

Hello, asley,

I am saying that you shouldn't be having these prolonged episodes of intermittent bleeding. However, the problem is that abortion itself does serious damage to a woman's body. Surgical abortions are done essentially blind, even if they use an ultrasound. They're using a hard, sharp instrument on some very soft and delicate tissue, and it is very easy to make a nick or slice in the surface that can cause severe bleeding. Any kind of unexpected bleeding needs to be looked into. I am not saying that what you are experiencing is very uncommon. It isn't. The point is that abortion is dangerous and causes a lot of harm, in and of itself.

I want to make a distinction between what is normal and what is common. It isn't normal to have an abortion. It isn't normal to bleed during a normal pregnancy, whatever the reason. However, unexpected and erratic bleeding is common after abortion.

Abortion also has some fairly serious long term consequences. We haven't even talked about that.

I don't want you to get the impression that you are going to die in the next few hours or something. Unless the bleeding becomes extremely heavy, that is not likely. But because of the long term damage abortion causes, it needs to be checked out. Please do go to the doctor on Monday, and let me know what you find out. Don't be surprised if the doctor cannot immediately see where the damage is. When a woman has a surgical abortion, they force open the cervix, and this causes many tiny tears in the muscle, which may not be visible. Nevertheless, this is a consequence of concern, and they can bleed. You can also get bleeding from the surface of the uterus itself. The blood won't come forth unless the cervix is open, and normally it is only open for a few days at the time of ovulation, and for a few days at the time of the period. The rest of the time it is closed, and even if a woman is bleeding, she won't see the blood until the cervix opens again.

I hope this helps.

I will be going to bed in the next few minutes, so if you have further questions, I will be answering you when I get up. Take care.


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