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QUESTION: Hello World,

My name is Hannah and on the 30th of May I have a medical abortion. I bleed for about 2 weeks after and can't pin point what day I actually stopped bleeding. I went for my 2 week check up and tested negative for pregnancy. That following weekend 22nd which turned into the 23 I had unprotected with the same guy only once & I'm not sure if he came inside me. I knew what I was doing because I wanted to keep my baby, but was forced to go through with it by family member. However I'm now living on my own and hope that I am pregnant again. I've taken 6 test "including dollar store brand, first response, & ept" all of them showed negative and I had blood work done and that was negative as well. I don't want to feel discouraged because today exact makes it 3 week since I had unprotected sex. Should I wait another week to test again? I read some people can detect a positive result at 3 weeks but if so I'm getting nothing but negatives back. I spoke with my doctor and she told me I could be pregnant if my period don't come by the end of this month. I don't want to stress about this but I'm dying to know if I am pregnant. One girl who did the abortion got her period back on the 25 of June. So when did she ovulate? I assumed that my period would come end of June or beginning of July as the doctor stated, however it's the 2 week of July and no period. Although u can get a period 4-8 weeks, what are my chances of being pregnant again? If I did have sex exactly 23 days after my abortion. & still is waiting on my period. Someone out there PLEASE help!!!!

ANSWER: Ovulation can be irregular for a month or two after an abortion. Usually a pregnancy test will begin to show a positive result 2 weeks after conception. If it has been that long and both a urine and blood test are negative, you are probably not pregnant.

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QUESTION: Thank you for a quick response so fast. I greatly appreciate it. However I do have another question. Can u help me calculate how far along I would be if I am? My procedure was May 30th. 23 days later. 3 week & 2 days later unprotected sex. Today is July 15th. No signs of period coming down. I assumed I would be 3 weeks & 2 days if pregnant? Is that correct? Also I've read that although the day u had sex, it can take up to a week for implantation. So could that be why it's negative now, because I'm too early? I really feel that if there's nothing this month I am. *takes deep breath* only God know though 😬😬

Thanks in advance for your help.

It is difficult to determine how far along you would be, given that ovulation is unpredictable post-abortion. However, if you believe conception would have occurred on the 23rd, we would assume you would be roughly about 5 weeks at this time. This can be confirmed by ultrasound.  


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