QUESTION: Im enlightened by your response with michelles question. Im almost four weeks pregnant now but had a pill abortion at 7 weeks and thought it was all done. So at 9 weeks when i had my ultrasound the baby is still alive.  can see the heart beat, the body and the head. Im so guilty and depress right now and asking Gods forgiveness everyday.I cant forgive myself if something will happen to my baby. What should i do to recover? Can you suggest best vitamins that could possibly help? Thank you very much

ANSWER: Hello, em,

I am a little confused. You said you are now almost four weeks pregnant, and now you say that you were 9 weeks when you had your ultrasound. Please clarify.

Please be aware that God has forgiven you because you have asked Him for His forgiveness. It is available as a free gift. God wants you to know Jesus. He wants you to be aware that Jesus died for you, and that He has paid for all your sins, including your attempt to have an abortion. God also wants you to trust in His forgiveness. He would look at your depression and see it as lack of trust. You are probably being harassed by evil beings, who accuse those who belong to God. When you feel depressed, try saying "Jesus!" out loud and see what happens. Demons may try to oppress you, but they will flee at the sound of His name. Please also be aware that each of us, every human being, was guilty in the sight of God. Only those who are covered with the blood of Jesus (figuratively speaking from our standpoint) are seen as righteous in God's eyes. When we cling to Jesus, God cannot see our sins. They are forgiven and forgotten. There are many Catholics in Philippines. The Catholic church teaches you have to make reparation. You do NOT have to make reparation. God has already done that. It is Finished! Jesus said. WHAT is finished? Your salvation! When you believe in Jesus, repent (as you have), and ask for forgiveness, your salvation is complete! There is nothing you CAN add. You cannot save yourself better than God can. It is God's job to save you, and if you even try, you are trying to do God's job, and that's blasphemy. You cannot control how your thoughts are attacked, but you can control how you respond to these attacks. It is an act of will to repudiate them, not an emotion. Ask God for help whenever you feel the need, and feel too weak in yourself.

As for your baby, it is often the case that by 7 weeks (especially if it's 7 weeks past conception), is already making progesterone. Progesterone is what maintains the pregnancy, and the mother supplies it until the baby can. Without progesterone, the baby will die. Since your baby didn't die, it is evident that he or she was already making progesterone. There should be no harm. If you took JUST Cytotec, and it was earlier, there may be some problems, but if you took both pills, then it is pretty obvious it was too late for pills to work at all. There is nothing further you need to do or can do to make it better. You should take B vitamins to safeguard against certain problems such as spina bifida, cleft palate, and hydrocephalus. As for how you are feeling, there are two different things you can try. Phosphatidyl choline is good, and safe for both of you. A dose is 850 milligrams up to a gram daily. Also try evening primrose oil or borage oil, about 400mg. IF you are feeling depressed and take evening primrose oil and the feelings go away in about 10 to 15 minutes, then you need it. Since your body is supposed to make this substance, supplementing it if your body isn't making it is not harmful. If you don't notice any difference, then you probably don't need it.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will pray for you. Take good care of yourself and your baby.

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QUESTION: Sorry, im almost four months pregnant now, but did my abortion when it was 7 weeks. At 9 months had my ultrasound and the baby is alive. To tell you the truth my last period is in May 2, 2013i take 2 cytotec and 2 inserted in my vagina in June 5. And i did not bleed. Someone gave me a pill she said it came fr the US and very effective i take 5 at first i didnt bleed but i have fever, then again 5pills i bleed just few. i take again and nothing happen that was at june 12. By june 26 i had my ultrasound, when the doctor told me you are pregnant. I was very nervous i told her everything. she even scolded me.  I kept asking her if my baby is fine and she ans angrily YEAH LOOK AT THAT THE BABY is ok. you can see the head, body and heartbeat. But im so guilty of what i did. No i keep searching over the net on what should i do, im kinda paranoid now. I search some site about Congenital Anomaly Scan i want to try it. Maam thank you very much for your reply. More power and God bless!

Hello, em,

You have explained a lot. First, you don't know if what she gave you was really Cytotec. Giving something else is very common. Second, at 7 weeks, your baby was undoubtedly making his own progesterone, so pills wouldn't work anyway. The fact you didn't bleed also would tend to indicate that you didn't deprive your baby of nourishment. Since it was that late, the likelihood of any damage is not very great. I can't say there will be no damage whatsoever. It's just not very likely. As long as your baby is thriving, you should try not to worry. Please know that most mothers worry about their babies because we can't see them, so we don't KNOW they are all right. As for a congenital anomaly scan, that appears to be done with ultrasound. Nobody really knows whether this can be harmful, and such scans are done routinely these days. Babies aren't being born with obvious problems as a result. So I'll leave that decision up to you without further comment.

Some people can be very cruel. I am sorry this woman was cruel to you. Because Jesus died for us and forgave us, we owe it to others to be merciful to them as well.

Because Jesus has died for you, it is important to trust Him. God assures us that our guilt is removed when we accept Jesus' sacrifice. The devil will continue to try to hound you with guilt feelings. He is the accuser of Christians. You can choose how to react to this. As I said, try saying "Jesus" out loud and see what happens. If the feelings of guilt go away, then it's not coming from you. You know better how to deal with it. It's an issue of trust. Do you trust God that He has really died for you and forgiven you? If not, ask God to help you trust Him. You would probably find some counseling helpful. This kind of help should be available to you. I will give you five phone numbers. Call the one closest to you and ask them how to reach the organization which is in your area. They will help you.

733 7027
0919-233 7783 text

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I am praying that God will heal you and give you peace. Remember, each and every one of us is totally guilty, but praise God, He has given us a way out. He loves you, and because He loves me, I love you, too. Take good care of yourself and your baby, and send me a picture when he is born!


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