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Abortion/non- surgical vs. surgical abortion


QUESTION: I wanted to know if I take blood pressure medication" Losartan" could I still have a medical abortion?

ANSWER: Hello, tori,

A pill abortion is ALWAYS dangerous. It can kill you. It can also cause serious harm to your future children.

If Losartan causes any thinning of the blood, it will make a pill abortion MUCH MORE dangerous. This is because pills often cause a woman to bleed to death anyway. While it isn't SUPPOSED to cause the blood to thin, I wouldn't rule it out, because it DOES have an effect on the blood.

It is possible you are concerned about the effect this drug can have on your child. Try not to worry about that. If you have been taking it all along, then it is more likely you will have a miscarriage than a baby with a birth defect. That doesn't mean that the chance of a birth defect is zero, but it is more unlikely. Also keep in mind that a pill abortion can cause a birth defect in a future child. These possibilities include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation, autism, blindness, and deafness, among other things. What would be the point in creating that kind of risk for yourself? Furthermore, having a pill abortion with the loss of blood that happens so commonly may cause you to develop low blood pressure because you are taking Losartan. This could be very dangerous. A lot of women report that they experience dizziness, fainting, and other problems due to loss of blood. Any person who does that should not be driving or using dangerous machinery.

You need some serious medical care. You shouldn't be taking Losartan during your childbearing years. Drugs like Losartan are not good for a person at any age. Lowering your blood pressure can cause you to develop dementia. I have personally watched this happen to people very close to me. The brain controls the blood pressure, and the primary goal is so that the brain will get an adequate supply of blood and thus oxygen. When blood pressure is high, quite often it is because it NEEDS to be so the brain gets enough blood and oxygen.

This is especially concerning if you are taking other medications as well.

I would recommend you consult a doctor about discontinuing the Losartan. There are good natural alternatives. Which alternative would be best depends on why you developed high blood pressure in the first place. If you can tell me that, I can suggest some things. Even if you weren't pregnant, I would recommend you seek to discontinue taking the drug. Like most pharmaceutical drugs, this drug is obviously toxic, because it causes or can cause some serious side effects.

Another thing to keep in mind about taking any pills for abortion is that you live in the state of Texas. It has been said that nearly all the abortion facilities in Texas will close in the wake of the new law against abortion after 20 weeks, which also requires an abortion facility to have a relationship with a hospital, in case of complications. The chance is VERY high that anyplace you would seek to obtain the pills does not have any connection with a hospital, and if you suffer a complication, you will be on your own, without medical care. Furthermore, a pill abortion takes several days (but the tendency for heavy bleeding without warning lasts for weeks). During the several day time period, abortion facilities send a woman home. The woman will develop heavy bleeding and go into what is effectively labor. She may suffer a complication during that time, but there will be no one knowledgeable there to help her.

For all of these reasons, please do not take these pills!

You can get meaningful help that will result in a course of action you can live with. You don't have to resort to abortion. You deserve better. There are organizations all over the state that offer help to women in your circumstance. If your concern is possible birth defects, you need to consult a doctor who doesn't believe in abortion. His medical judgment will be far superior to someone's whose thinking and ethics have been warped by the idea that abortion is acceptable medical practice. It is not. It is dangerous no matter how it is done, and it is unethical. Any doctor who would provide the pills to you cannot be trusted. The organizations in the state will have affiliations with doctors who can help you without subjecting you to grave harm. A doctor can give you a better idea of what you are facing in this circumstance because he can examine and test you. I have never heard of taking Losartan being a reason for abortion.

You can find an organization near you by going to this web site:

Please do this. Don't risk your life by taking the pills. Please. Please keep in touch and let me know how you do. Keep yourself safe!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The decision is trying to see with my hypertension with along with many other health risks being involved would a nonsurgical vs.surgical abortion. Which  would have less risk for me ? Other options have been discussed as well but at this moment I have to make the best choice .

Hello, tori,

I answered your question last night, but you haven't read it, so I am re-sending. The answer is below.

What I am trying to tell you is that any method of abortion is SO dangerous that it will do far more harm to your health than carrying to term. You can find a doctor who handles high risk situations who can see you through. Abortion is a vicious attack on a woman's body no matter how it is done, and no matter how it is done, it will only aggravate your health problems. Yes, pregnancy is stressful, but abortion does far more damage. I realize that there is a popular notion abortion is safer. This is because people with an agenda are "informing" the public. I have reams of documentation about how dangerous abortion is. This includes medical papers, as well as collections of accounts of women who have been killed by supposedly safe abortions. And to make matters worse, people who perform abortions have grown very, very careless, and they don't even follow good surgical or medical procedure. Often their facilities are filthy. Health departments are closing them down right and left because they do not meet the most basic health standards. Things weren't always quite this bad, but I wouldn't wish an abortion off on my worst enemy at this point. And I haven't even begun to talk about the emotional consequences, which can be significant. I have suffered some of these myself. They are very, very real.

This is why I recommended you go to the web site and find an organization near you. They have connections to doctors who handle high risk pregnancies, and they can help you.

In addition, I hope you will share some of your medical problems with me, because I have a fairly extensive background in medical alternatives, and there is a very good chance I can make suggestions that will help you improve your health considerably. I am glad you wrote to me, because I love to help people improve their health.

So in sum, NO form of abortion is the best choice. In fact, ANY method is the WORST choice, from a medical standpoint. I have been studying and reading voraciously for 40 years, so I KNOW that this is true.

That's why I am trying to persuade you to find another answer.

If you do not feel you are in a position to raise a child, then you have several options. One is adoption. It's a difficult choice, but a good one. Women that I have talked to, who have experienced both abortion and adoption, much prefer adoption. I also know several adopted children really well, and they have thrived very well. If you want to keep your baby, the same organization I am urging you to visit will help you with resources to meet your needs.

You deserve to know what your real options are, free from propaganda from people who make a lot of money doing abortions. You deserve to have this knowledge while you still have a choice. So please give them a visit. It won't hurt, and it could very well save your life.

Let me know more about your health problems, and please keep in touch. I will be here for you and I will be praying for you. Take care, and keep yourself safe.


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