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Abortion/Greyish dicharge 2 days after abortion


Hey! On Saturday the 31st of August I went through a surgical abortion by suction. I was 6 weeks 5 days pregnant. It's now the 2nd of September only about 2 days after my procedure. Starting yesterday and mostly today I started passing a mostly brown kind of grayish colored tissue like discharge. I'm not really cramping that much anymore and I haven't started bleeding since the abortion. The doctor said I was one of the best patience he'd had all day so I'm guessing everything went okay. I really want kids in the future so I'm so scared I'm going to mess something up. I've done everything they told me to do. But some websites are saying this is something to worry about. Is it normal? Or should I be scared? It's too early to go in for a follow up since its only 2 days after. But if its something bad I need to go in. Please help. Thank you!

Hello, Jessica,

Thanks for writing. Yes, you need to be concerned about the well being of your children in the future. Abortion can cause some serious damage to future children. While I can't put things back the way they were, or guarantee that I can tell you how to prevent any and all problems, I will tell you what you can do to minimize the risks.

Whatever you do, do NOT go back to the place where you had the abortion. They should never have done an abortion on you in the first place. Abortion is bad medicine and it is also unethical. They cannot be trusted. Instead, find an ethical doctor and have him check you out. Before I talk about that in more detail, I want to discuss what the problems might be.

First of all, they have to force open your cervix to do an abortion. The cervix is said to be "green" and is tightly closed. The only way to open it at that point is to use force, and this causes tiny tears in the muscle of the cervix. The result of this is increased likelihood that you could have multiple miscarriages or bear a child with a severe birth defect. The cervix becomes incapable of supporting the weight of a full term pregnancy. As you are probably aware, very premature babies can develop significant medical problems. These include cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, blindness, deafness, eating disorders, and breathing disorders. This is what you will want to try to prevent. What you need to do is take good care of yourself, eat well and let your body have a chance to heal. When you do become pregnant, tell your doctor you have had a surgical abortion, so that he can then instruct you about early onset of labor, and possible do a procedure called cerclage. This procedure fastens the cervix shut until time for birth.

Another long term problem is breast cancer. You greatly increased your chance of getting a particularly deadly form of breast cancer. The best and easiest way to help prevent this is to take Vitamin D3. A dose of 5000-10,000IU a day is a good dose. Take Vitamin K2 with it, about 200mg daily. Have your blood tested periodically to make sure you aren't overdosing. You should have approximately 75 ng/ml in your blood. 100 is considered too high. But the K2 will help prevent toxicity. Also, have a child as soon as you reasonably can, and breastfeed. This will help.

There are other potential problems, but these are the major ones. You may also suffer from infertility. Having an infection in the uterus could cause you to become infertile. Keep in mind that taking antibiotics only addresses infections caused by bacteria. But an infection can be caused by a virus or a fungus, or some other things. Antibiotics won't help. And be sure to get some pro-biotics if you are taking antibiotics. Good sources include any kind of food that is fermented, including fermented (pickled) vegetables, kim chi, kefir, kombucha, etc. Yogurt is usually not a good source, because by the time it gets to the store most of the bacteria have died out. You can also get pro-biotics from a doctor, in pill form.

Also, if there is scarring over the openings to the Fallopian tubes, you will be more vulnerable to tubal pregnancy, so if you get pregnant and start to feel pain, have it checked immediately. This is a life threatening condition that requires immediate surgical intervention.

If you are currently passing tissue, there is a very good chance the abortion is incomplete. This means that you are vulnerable to infection, and it can be serious. If the abortion is incomplete, then it must be completed by a COMPETENT and ETHICAL doctor. If you go back to the person who did the abortion, he won't want to find anything wrong, because of potential liability, so don't go back to him.

You can find a good doctor who is familiar with complications of pregnancy and can help you by finding an organization in your area that helps abortion experienced women. You can find one near you by going to this web site:

There are organizations all over the United States, so there will be one near you.

Please take good care of yourself. You deserve better than abortion. Don't ever have an abortion again. The more abortions, the more damage. Please let me know how you do. I will pray for you.


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