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Hello doctor. I had unprotected sex with my wife in middle of July. She missed her periods which were due in first week of august. On 26th August we consulted with a doctor and take a pregnancy test whose result came positive. To avoid pregnancy, she consumed MT pills (two 200mg MTpill and after 2 days three 200mg misoprostol). After that bleeding will continue 6th of September and it had stopped. After two days it will again little bleeding i.e. 8th September. Again it had stopped for two more days today 10th September again little bit bleeding. I want to know is it a serious issue? Do we need again need to consult a doctor or should we wait for few more days until the bleeding stops

Hello, Susanta,

Please know that I am not a doctor. I am a medical researcher.

Serious bleeding is one of the problems with this set of pills. In fact, women can bleed to death. A woman should always be prepared for unexpected heavy bleeding after taking them. The danger of heavy bleeding lasts for several weeks. If she does bleed heavily, it is critical she see a doctor immediately. The bleeding may well not stop completely for several weeks, and during that time, it can happen repeatedly, and obviously, seeing a doctor when she is NOT bleeding isn't really necessary, but seeing a doctor if she DOES bleed might be.

Please keep in mind that if your wife had a pregnancy test, and it came back positive, she was already pregnant. You cannot avoid a pregnancy that has already happened. You can only end it. Since you two are married, it would have been far safer and completely acceptable for you to allow the pregnancy to proceed. Our bodies aren't designed for abortion, and it is always harmful, sometimes seriously harmful. The dose she took was a heavy dose as well.

It is really important for you to protect her from those pills, because they can kill a woman. They can also harm your future children. Please protect her in the future. If she does become pregnant, let her have the child. If you aren't ready to raise a child, take your child to Mother Teresa's group, or contact the Catholic Health Association in your area. They will help you. Let me know if you need contact information. There will be good parents who will be willing to raise your child in a good home. But please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to protect her, and since our bodies aren't designed for abortion, and abortion is harmful, this means avoiding it. Feel free to ask questions, and please let me know how she is doing.


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