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Abortion/possible pregnancy? HELP :'(


So my girlfriend of 3 years and I, got ourselves into a situation. Things got carried away and well, our genitals ended up in contact. (Dry Sex). However prior to this. I ensured that my penis was dry and washed it with soap and water to ensure no pre-ejaculate was present. There was no penetration. And throughout, my penis remained dry(fairly certain). (the incident was around 2.5 weeks ago) After this, my girlfriend started getting worried. Very worried. The kind of worry that cripples you in every way. It seemed to eat her almost. She got so worried that she decided to take 6000mg of Vitamin C each day for 2 days (tablet form- no bioflavinoids or rose hips) because it supposedly induces menstruation (this she started 6days ago for 2 consecutive days)She discontinued as it made her sore and made her heat up. Even after around 12000mg Vit C in the span of 2 days, the period did not come. She began worrying again. Today was meant to be the day she got her period. And there is nothing. No period. She's worried like crazy. Won't stop crying, seems as though she's had the life taken out of her. She keeps stressing(I heard stress can delay her period) and worrying. I tell her that she can't be pregnant and not to worry. But now I'm getting worried. She had a white discharge 2 days ago. (although that could also be caused by anything). I don't know what to do.
My questions are. ***Do you think she could be pregnant? (It was 3 days before her ovulation.)
*** and Do you know of anything she can have/do to bring about her period? Abortion can never be a possibility as it's illegal here. But what can she take to induce miscarriage or period (we live in the UAE and they have bans on certain drugs). Please help!
***Even if stress is the cause of the period delay wouldn't it have been counteracted by the vitamin C or does vitamin C not even work?
THANKS in advance for your help!

Hello, josh,

You both learned the hard way that there are reasons for respecting a woman's body before marriage. It is wrong of society not to let you know. I'm sorry.

If she was within 3 days of ovulation, and had clear slippery mucus, she was fertile. It is rare for a woman to get pregnant if there is no penetration, but it does happen. All it takes is one sperm. You can't see one sperm, so making yourself completely free is impossible. But as you know, stress can cause a woman not to have a period. She sounds like she is in extreme stress.

As far as I know, Vitamin C won't cause abortion. And I am unaware of anything else you can get that can. In any case, abortion is more dangerous to her body than leaving it alone. If she is pregnant, she's in danger no matter what. In your country, the penalty for getting pregnant outside of marriage is extreme. It isn't surprising she is freaking out. There are a couple of things you can do, since abortion is illegal. One is you could go together as a couple to another part of the country, or abroad, as a married couple. You could marry her outright if you can do that, or you can pretend. Then you stay together until after she has the baby, IF she is pregnant, and give the baby up for adoption, and then return home. Another is for her to go to the US embassy and ask for temporary asylum in the United States until she has given birth. They may not be ready to cooperate because that would make her baby an American citizen, but be persistent. Explain the danger of her not being able to leave your country. Also, try other embassies if this doesn't work. Another thing you can do, if there are any churches (I don't know if there are or not), is to take her to one and see if they will help her. If the first one won't, take her to another one. Do not be afraid of them. They will not hurt you. You may also be able to travel to a nearby country to stay awhile. Unfortunately, those are about all the options there are. But please don't try to figure out how to cause her to miscarry. This is extremely harmful. It can harm or kill her, and it can harm her future children. I wish I could offer better alternatives, but there just aren't any.

Whenever you are able, without revealing any of your personal situation, pass on the lessons you have learned.

If she is not pregnant, from now on, don't undress in each other's presence. Do not go to a private place where this would be a temptation.

Please take good care of her. If you have a plan to help her, hopefully she will calm down. Please keep in touch and let me know what happens.


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