I took misoprosol 12 days after I missed my period which was Friday 7th of this month but I'm still having symptoms. Yesterday I had cramps and I bled a little. I need clarification on what is happening

Hi, thanks for your question. I want to apologize as it took me longer than usual to respond, we are in the middle of a pretty bad blizzard, it has been a mess!
First all I wanted to ask 2 question, and I know it probably seems like  stupid questions but there important... 1) Did you obtain the misoprostol through a doctor's office or an abortion facility? I wanted to make sure you had a doctor's guidance as you went through this process.  Typically at my office we won't dispense our abortions meds being the Mifoprex and Misoprostol until we can visualize a pregnancy in utero, and typically that does not happen until 5-6 weeks gestation.  I didn't know if you had obtained them through a medical doctor or if you had somehow obtained the misoprostol another way. and 2) Did you take a positive test at home, did you know 100% you are/were pregnant? Or did you just take misoprostol after missing a period? Obviously if you had a visit with a medical doctor they would have known 100% you were pregnant before dispensing this medication, but not everyone goes about obtaining these medications the right way. I would not be putting you down if you had obtained them another way, but I just need to know what we are dealing with. How did you take the pills and how many did you take? Did you take them bucally (letting them absorb in your cheeks) did you swallow them, or insert them into your vagina? At my clinic we instruct our patients to let them sit in there cheeks for 30 minutes, but there are different ways that different doctor's dispense them. What symptoms are you having still? pregnancy symptoms? Also when patients experience an abortion via misoprostol ( we give mifoprex a day before at my clinic as well so we use 2 meds) they will experience cramping and bleeding. It's our body's way of expelling the pregnancy. Unfortunately with this kind of abortion you need a follow up visit with the doctor to ensure your uterus is empty and there is no ongoing pregnancy. This medication only works 97% of the time. in 3% of women it fails the terminate pregnancy, or your body fails to expel all the products. That's why it's very important to go to your follow up visit and have that repeat ultrasound done. I would call the doctor or abortion facility that dispensed you this mediation and explain to them what is going on. If you did not get these medications from a doctor/abortion facility, it's very, very important you call a doctor or an emergency room and explain what happened. I highly doubt you will get in any trouble, but your health is what the doctors will be concerned about. They can do a ultrasound on you and see what is going on and make sure there is no ongoing pregnancy. So if you could get back with me letting me know more information, and please, please get in touch with your doctor/abortion facility or any doctor and coordinate some aftercare. Please follow up with me as well, and answer this question when you get a spare moment! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!


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I can answer questions relating to abortions including what options there are available and what the process is like. I have firsthand experience with the abortion pill(Mifeprex and misoprostol)and vacuum aspiration as these are the two options serviced in my clinic. If you are thinking about abortion and want someone to talk to I will gladly listen. I offer a non-judgmental view on abortion. I work at a family planning and abortion facility, I work with women of all walks of life who choose abortion. I am well educated and feel very capable of answering your questions in regard to this subject.


I am a Certified Medical Assistant and have worked at a family planning and abortion clinic for almost a year. I do the medical work up on our abortion patients prior to there procedures as well as counseling them before there procedure to ensure they are making this decision for the right reason. If the patient is not comfortable going forward, I non judgmentally explain to them there options to parent or place there child for adoption, giving referrals if necessary. I also stand next to our patients during there abortions holding there hands and assisting the doctor. I am there support person during there procedures. Afterwords we work closely with the patient to hopefully see they get on an effective form of birth control. I love my job, I feel i make a difference and I would not change it for the world.

I am still a member of the National Honor Society which I had the honor of being initiated into during college.

Associates Degree obtained in 2012 with a major in Medical Assisting. Certified Medical Assistant Certification obtained through the American Association of Medical Assistants(AAMA)in August of 2012

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I was awarded the Deans award during all but one semester in college. This award is reserved for individuals who maintain a GPA of 3.7 or higher during that semester. I also received an award of perfect attendance during several semesters in college. Upon graduation I was the recipient of the Phoenix award. This award is given to an individual who the college feels has overcame amazing obstacles to get to where they are today.

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